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Mr Rich

Most useful iPhone apps

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Infinity Blade is currently 69p. It looks lovely, and plays like a hack n slash version of Punch out. I recommend this as a purchase.


So you should buy it now.

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Guest marthagogo

oh fuck me itunes is utter shit. its the most horrible piece of software i have ever used.


this is apples thing isnt it, you have to have all the latest apple stuff auto-syncing & updating all the time or have a decent pc.


im backing up the mrs old 3g on 3.somehting firmware, do i have to update its (the phones OS) before trying to move stuff onto her new iphone 4 or is it just goingto freeze like a cods cunt for 24hrs?


i suppose i should be thankful for small mercys - at least itunes backs up apps (if its a cunt doing the gs3 ill cry).

Edited by marthagogo

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