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There is currently an XBLA sale, with different daily deals, which started yesterday (Borderlands 2 content.) Today has Fez for about £1.50, Spelunky and Terraria about £2.50 each (I think). There are some other things that are on until the end of December, including Marvel vs Capcom 3 and its DLC which will be delisted from Live after the sale period ends (Capcom's licence with Marvel is ending.) Definitely worth checking it out every day. I have heard that there is a similar daily deals offer-type-thing on PSN but someone with a Sony device can tell you about that.



This week's XBL deal for Gold members is Walking Dead Season One with heavy discounts on each episode (I can't see the exact prices as I already own them all.) Do it now if you haven't already!



The second free 'Game with Gold' for December came out on Monday and is 'Shoot Many Robots.'




Also, while I'm here, if you have an iOS device make sure to get the 12 Days app which gives you free apps/music/movies etc. The deals haven't started yet but get the app and you can activate notifications when each new thing gets added. I have done this last couple of years and usually come away with at least 2 good things for free, with my personal favourite being the Father Ted Christmas Special a couple of years ago.

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Tesco in store have mis-priced Tearaway on the Vita for a fiver!


My local has no stock, if anyone is passing a Tesco tonight or on the weekend, could you keep an eye out for 1-2 copies for me and/or George?

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My local Sainsburys has a lot of games at £4.


I picked up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Soul Calibur 5 both on 360. May be available on both platforms. They also has TDU2, Force Unleashed and a some more that I can't remember.

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game with gold for Jan


Sleeping Dogs - 5* game

And Tomb Raider Guardians of the lightbulbs


Both worth it for free!

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Bioshock Infinite is on Steam Daily Deal at £6 but if you click that, the DLC season pass is mispriced at £3.99 which is a complete bargain. Grab it before it's fixed!!

Well spotted and bought!!

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Preordered Thief as GMG had 10% off and sent me a code to get a further 30% off. Hopefully it won't be shit. Code was one time use only I'm afraid otherwise I'd have posted it here.

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