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I'm a good few hours in now and can say this is up there with my favourite Resident Evils's

I mean I know you have to suspend disbelief and take everything at face value, no matter how tongue in cheek these games get. BUT a 23ft(not actual height) tall vampire with big boobies, she was possibly painted and used in Allo Allo but I cannot confirm.  Not to mention werewolves, ludicrous hiding places for keys that only a drunk person would think it was a good idea to hide them there for safe keeping.

If you've finished 7 the opening to this game is just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! The atmosphere in this has gone from 7s oozing oppressiveness at every corner, to an opulent setting that is a lot less scary. From 7s creaking floorboards to 8s marble floors with rugs on, that have probably been hoovered just before we turn up.

I almost forgot to mention the adds, in 7 you had black ooze monsters that were a threat, in this you have vampires with sickles and swords, but they're not fully turned or have fucked up during the turn so aren't much of a threat. Well worth taking them down for the copious amounts of resources or treasures they drop. Which you can sell at the merchant who is brilliant and I won't spoil anything about him.

Having said all that though the mix of puzzling and shooting is spot on, this game wants you to have fun and gives you the ammo and health to do just that. It also looks really good on the PS5 and there's subtle use of the haptic triggers but it's not overused.

I can't wait to see what the game throws at me next :)

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4 hours ago, Somerset_Bumkin said:

So is this RE8? Damn, I don’t think I even finished 5. Remember hearing 6 was rubbish and must have completely missed 7. 

5 is great in co-op. 6 is only average in co-op but it does have highs matched only by the lows, and I would have ditched it if I hadn't been playing it co-op. 7 is brilliant and on game pass right now.

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7 is well worth playing, as a semi-return to the series roots. 

8 is a weird one, I liked it a lot but I do hope it isn't signalling a full return to post RE4 craziness.

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In the final stretch on this now. Having so much fun with it. The enemy variety is great and the tactics you have to employ are different for each one.

It hasn't got any less bat shit crazy as time goes on and the boss battles are all really different. I do have a couple left though so they may just be rehashes, I'll let you know.

It's definitely my favourite Resi at the moment.

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