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So this is fucking excellent.


I've only put about 5 hours into it, and haven't even beaten the 1st biome, but I have met the boss that I was so close to beating.


It's a rogue-like with a few persistent upgrades. In my last run I got so many things that are going to help my future self it hurts.

I picked this up for £30 not the RRP of £70. If I'd paid £70 we'd be having a different conversation, see also Ratchet and Clank. I think I've paid full price for 2 PS5 games, I can't see me paying £70 for any game. I think Sony have fucked up with their pricing, as most of my PS5 purchases have been 2nd hand.

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I mentioned on twitter, it's probably up there as a game of all time for me. I got the platinum a couple of weeks back and loved every second of it.

It has some of the purest minute to minute gameplay I've seen in a modern videogame and a feeling of being in complete control of such chaos that has an almost Nintendo-like swagger if that makes sense. It's just a magnificent thing to behold.

I love how after a few hours you are left thinking fuck this after dying yet again, yet a dozen or so hours later you are doing runs for fun feeling like Neo. The game is just so perfectly balanced.

 Did I say goat? Pisses all over Souls games for me. Give me a nicely levelled Pylon Driver and a room full of alien tentacle wolves and I'm a happy man.



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Still can't beat the first boss :lol: got to him about 5 times now. I'm either under levelled and so is my gun or I have the power but I've been through one too many lock-down rooms and been fucked so don't have full health. It's partly down to RNGesus fucking me or lack of skill. I haven't been able to sort both out on the same run.


When I get to the boss the first phase isn't too bad but I tend to fuck up on the 2nd and by the time I get to the 3rd and final I'm in a bad way.


Having said all that I fucking love it, and to say that about a game I've put 10 hours into and haven't finished the first boss then it must be doing something right.

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23 hours ago, Jusatsushi said:

First boss down yet m8??

Got distracted by Ratchet and Clank... I'm going back to it this week, so maybe I'll take him down :)



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