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Mass Effect Legendary Editon

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Put quite a few hours into ME:1. It feels just as clunky as I remember but the story and world are still good. It seems shorter than I remember too. Hard to say how improved it is as I haven’t played the original for a long time, but 60fps on PS5 is very nice. Looks to be a relatively easy set of 3 platinums if you’re into the trophy hunting thing.

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Ordered this but they wouldn’t post it to Cyprus - will pick it up next time I go shopping. 

thinknits a bit sad that after all these years there’s’ snot much to pique my interest so I’ll happily by 3 massive time sinks from the last (last) generation. 

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14 hours ago, Somerset_Bumkin said:

Just got back to Cyprus and when home I picked myself up this and The Avengers - not sure what to start first…

I like The Avengers campaign, and the 2 free add ons. I think Black Panther is soon so I'll go back for that. The post game grind is not my bag though. The story is pretty good, and Kamala the main character is pretty cool. You also get to test drive all the other heroes, although at some point it does feel like a massive tutorial to try out who you'll like to play best in the post game. It took me a fair chunk of time to go through as I did all the optional stuff in each area.

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