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Vinny, Alex and Brad all leaving Friday. This sucks.


That leaves  Bakalar on the East coast who is alright but basically rambles a lot and is up his own arse.

Still have Jeff, Rorie, Jan and Jason on the West but this is a massive blow and I think it'll be the end of my premium sub unless they pull something magical out of their arse.

My working week(a lot of driving) revolves around their podcasts and audio books. I guess I'll be listening to more books.

It was all about the dynamic between these people for me than the news or the games, most of them are our age group so it was easier to listen and relate to than the shit that a lot of sites pump out.

End of an era.

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I never listened to Giant Bomb. I do like Gamescoop, as the presenters are at least near to our age and have kids etc. Couldn't get on with a lot of other podcasts as their lifestyles were just too far removed from my own. 


Realise thrmat had very little to do with the subject matter. Sorry to hear your favourite gaming podcast is changing so drastically dude. I may listen to some old ones and see if I love it too. 

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Is a shame that these guys are all going. The 'cast' has changed for various reasons but it always felt like Giantbomb, will be interesting to see what they change in future. I'm a premium subscriber and it's up in November so I guess they have until then.

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