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On I think my 6th time of trying to get into it it’s finally clicked. I’m really enjoying the exploration now, done 1 Divine Beast (big elephant), 20ish shrines and 1 memory. Love the world, and love the art direction. 

Have to say though it’s been the hardest slog ever to get to a point where the game is actually enjoyable. About 12 hours investment I reckon before you start getting stuff good enough to actually fight things without breaking every 2 seconds(Very annoying design choice), enough stamina to swim somewhere and have a slightest clue of how to cook (still hate that mechanic too, just give me some health Potions!). They throw too much at you at the start that it’s very overwhelming for casual play. 

Still, first 3D Zelda I’ve enjoyed that’s not Wind Walker. Might even try the GameCube one I’ve got somewhere after. 

ps. Would have posted on old topic but it’s archived. 

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If you want some super easy cooking, iirc there's a rainforest south of hyrule field with lots of hearty durian growing - just chuck a bunch of those in a pot for a max heal with like +10 extra hearts added.

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