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Recommend me some Saturn games...

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I've been enjoying my Saturn since having a good tidy up in my games room and wanted to see what I'm missing out on. I've got SEGA Rally of course but also found that the very similar Manx TT Supertbike is really good, in fact I think I prefer how the bikes drive. Andy from Console Passion modded my Saturn years ago so I'm good to play all region games.

So, what am I missing out on? Below is what I have. I sold Guardian Heroes a little while back as I couldn't get on with it.

Alien Trilogy
Christmas NiGHTS
Clockwork Knight
Command & Conquer
Darius Gaiden (JPN)
Daytona USA
Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition
Die Hard Trilogy
Don Pachi (JPN)
Duke Nukem 3D
Magic Carpet
Manx TT Superbike
NiGHTS in to Dreams (JPN)
Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon 2
SEGA AGES Volume 1
SEGA Rally Championship
SEGA Worldwide Soccer '97
Starfighter 3000
Tomb Raider
Tunnel B1
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Racing
Virtua Fighter

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3 minutes ago, Somerset_Bumkin said:

I didn’t really know anyone with a Saturn back in the day. But if the Alien trilogy has Alien3 that’s similar to the SNES version then that’s a great horror/platformer. 

It's actually its own game rather than a compilation. I can't think off the top of my head of another example of this (I'm sure there are others), it's very loosely based on the first 3 Alien films which at the time comprised just of a trilogy.

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Robopit is a fun one on one 3d fighter where you customise your robot, should be pretty cheap too.

If you can get it Panzer Dragoon Saga is one of my favourite RPGs

Marvel Super Heroes (get the 4mb cart

Shining Force 3

Shining the Holy Ark

Die Hard Arcade

An interesting bug I found playing Die Hard Trilogy back in the day, on the Die Hard game, at the end of a level use the 9mm pistol, empty the clip to 1 bullet remaining, as you enter the elevator shoot, you don't have time to reload and go to the next level. Instead of counting down, the ammo count goes up and you never need to reload.

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Athlete Kings- A really cool stylised track and field game.

Die Hard Arcade-Based on an arcade game and rebranded.

Baku Baku Animal-A really cool match 3 or more puzzle where you match the animal with it's food.

Virtua Fighter 2-Best VF game bar none.

Street Fighter Alpha 2-Excellent version of Alpha 2, but surpassed by having the actual arcade version available.

Xmen Children of the atom-One of my fave beat em ups.

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Some very good suggestions already, definitely try Panzer Dragoon Saga, it is simply amazing.

Baku Baku Animal, I have always had problems with matching games due to being colourblind, but I can play Baku animal for hours.

Shining Force 3 is a great RPG as mentioned above, I really should get around to finishing that one day.

Radiant Silvergun is a must try if you haven't tried the HD re-release, just obviously you will have to find a hookey copy from somewhere unless you are feeling very flush with cash.

Burning Rangers is great but gets a bit samey quite quickly, but it's a great graphical showcase for the Saturn

Enemy Zero is.... hmmm.... good but tricky to get into, it's basically a survival horror with an invisible enemy and you have to use audio cues to avoid it, good but again a challenge to get used ti.

Keio Flying Squadron 2, not the highest rated shooter on the platform, but I enjoyed it, and it's usually pretty affordable if you are looking to buy

So so many shmups, really you need to speak to Smurph as he is the shooter king and can help separate the wheat from the chaff


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16 hours ago, Mystic said:

Ash, would you be able to point me to a usable Saturn emu?


The shining force series is one of my favourites and I've always wanted to play 3.

I haven't tried emulating the Saturn for years, as I have two chipped Saturn and a physical copy of the game, anything I don't own I just burn to a CD and play on the real hardware.

Definitely going to try Mednafen though, since I got my new TV that doesn't have SCART, I have been using cheap SCART/S-Video to HDMI upscalers and the picture isn't that great.

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On 10/15/2020 at 8:08 PM, Shufty said:

Mednafen it's not a pretty GUI driven one but its Saturn emulation is pretty good. You need a half decent PC to use it I got good results with a 5 year old i7, 16gb DDR3 RAM and a Geforce 970.

This should help you get started


What settings are you using for Mednafen? had a quick play with it last night and I got "pixels so sharp it cuts your eyeballs" or "so smeared it looks like an abstract painting"

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I'd have to set it up again, had to reset my PC and haven't gotten round to sorting it. Didn't have any smeared issues, looked pretty good, not Dolphin level but looked fine

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No worries, will work it out, I installed MedGUI and had a play with the advanced graphics option and there's a lot of options to go through, so hoped you had a .cfg file or something with your settings. Will have another play with it on the weekend and share my settings once I work through the options.


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