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Got a selection of good things on sale.  

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Anyone got a pre-order in for the new generation?

I've gone with a Series S - want a console for the bedroom, basically, and with Game Pass it seems ideal. The X feels like a bit too much for me with how long it'll take for MS' first party lineup to really spin up, so I think in a few years I'll grab a PS5 for the living room once there's more than 1-2 exclusives worth shelling out for. For anything really high spec, I'll have my PC.

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PS5 Phat, but probably closer to xmas

Only one or two launch titles that interest me, but not at £70, and as I have had PS+ for years I have a huge backlog of PS4 games in my digital library that I have never played as I was too cheap to buy a PS4. Cyberpunk 2077 will tide me over from PS5 launch until xmas, and by then there should be second hand copies of the launch games and some new titles on the horizon. PS5 will essentially be "the ultimate PS4" for a while for me.

Kind of worried about MS buying Zenimax though for the long term implications of things like Fallout/Skyrim/Wolfenstein/etc on the PS5, but can MS sensibly afford to bankroll Zenimax and take the hit on not selling those games on the PS5?

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I have a feeling that MS will try and pull some gamepass stuff with Zenimax and Obsidian. That is, they'll say to Sony - we're happy to launch and sell these games on your systems after an initial exclusive period, but only if you let us have gamepass on there too. I feel like 2020 Microsoft will want a slice of both pies, to be honest. Agree that consolidating under single owners isn't great for consumers though, I'm also unhappy with the practice of giving a developer money to make a game not launch on a competitor's console a la FF16.

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I can see Sony doing some aggressive purchases as well to counter this, there's some rumblings of Sony buying Konami, but they would need to buy some other big publishers to counter the reach of Zenimax. I could definitely see MS dangling the game pass carrot under Sony's nose when they start getting hungry for those big big franchises. I think this is going to be one of those console generations where the consumer is going to lose out massively on both sides of the console camp.

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I’ll be going X but not straight away. This way I get to make the same mistake as I did with the Bone and buy the console based purely on the Halo franchise and be sorely disappointed with what I got and miss out on loads of great exclusives from Sony. 

Seriously though the above is true but there’s plenty of life in my BoneX yet, I’ve still got loads of games to play on it and nothing is really compelling me to upgrade. RDR2 on my X was breathtaking so I think Cyberpunk will be too. 

Also I still don’t really feel like this gen ever really got going, certainly nothing like the previous gen. Most of the games I’ve enjoyed have been sequels to what came before on 360/PS3 (or remakes/remasters/rebirths of earlier stuff aka Doom) so I don’t really feel this gen broke any new ground. But maybe that says more about my buying habits than the One/PS4 as a whole and I let myself miss out on too much. 

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Preordered Series X. Already using Game Pass, have a bunch of older gen games plus 4k blu rays. Made sense to me, Sony's offerings are largely leaving me cold for the moment. 

Also this is basically a last big splash before my wife gets made redundant and we're reliant on my wage. 

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I've got a PS5 coming on launch day.

I was going to get a Series X later on but got caught up in the hype and ordered one today with All Access through Smyths. I got the credit agreement alright but then the system went belly up and the order did not complete. So that's nice. However, I've since heard if you got the agreement you will be guaranteed it, it'll just take some time. We'll see.

I'm hyped for Spiderman mainly. Will also be buying AC:Valhalla and COD:BLOPS. I'll also have Last of US 2 and Ghosts of Sushi too. They should keep me busy for a while.


I'll probably wait on Cyberpunk for the upgraded version.

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Pre-ordered a Series X, mostly cause it's gonna be of immediate value with GamePass for new games, and backwards compat while I wait for more of the new new titles to come out.

I'll get a PS5 eventually, but besides some multi-plat stuff there isn't much unique to the console I want that will be out soon. Not sure if I'll go discless or not, but leaning that way since I'll have the Series X for blurays and stuff.

Game Pass has really been an amazing investment this past year or so, and that's the main thing pushing me over from being a massive PS4 fanboy this gen. Still a ton I haven't played from this gen as well, and with GP I'm more likely to be getting those for free vs. PSN.

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PS5 day one because my PS4 is about to take flight and I like the Sony exclusives. I’ll get an X when there’s something I want to play on it or a price drop/redesign. Probably Gears 6 but maybe the Bethesda stuff if that becomes exclusive (although that will probably be a long time coming).

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