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Sonic The Hedgehog (film)

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Well this is a lot better than it has any right to be. I went in expecting it to be a lame kids movie with the odd Sonic game reference and I was wrong. They really did a nice job with it. It's almost like... people our age, who know videogames are now making movies!

Ben Schwarz is a hilarious person, I've loved his messed up sense of humour since seeing him on old College Humour games. He's great as Sonic, never gets annoying which is of course, the risk.

Jim Carrey is a total penis, I've not really liked any film he's been in except maybe for The Mask. However, as the crazy, maniacal Robotnik his is perfect. He's leveraging a bit of his Riddler in this... and it just comes off really well.

There are some great action/fight scenes using Sonic's speed; James Marsden totally sells that he's talking to Sonic, a character that wasn't there when he was acting. The effects are great, I totally bought in to it, and the design is infinitely better than the horror show they originally had.

Colour me surprised, I'll look forward to watching this again with my kids when they are old enough. I'm genuinely pleased to see this doing well at the box office also.

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