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2020 Game Completion Thread

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I'm listing Destiny 2 (PC) in here because I've done:

All 5 story campaigns
All raids including one flawless raid
All dungeons
All exotic quests that are getting vaulted

Rinsed the fuck out of it.

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I can’t remember why I stopped playing D2 - I think it’s because I couldn’t get a Raif together but had done everything else. 

Far Cry 4 - Don’t know why I persevered so much with this as it was very dull for the most part. Might be a bit unfair as I went from 5 (plus expansion) so it was always going to be a backwards step, just didn’t realise how much. I might look at FC3 because I remember that being much better.  Anyway, did everything there wad to do and can’t really explain why..,

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Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One

Mixed bag like the main game.

Plus points are that it is much more inventive with the arenas, lots of fun fights in interesting arenas that force you to fight stuff in different ways. The main game didn't do enough of that and it's this kind of thing that they should be doing if they want to make you step out of your comfort zone with fights, rather than be restrictive in terms of only a few weapons being effective. 3 quite long missions with a lot of good fights.

Downsides; Marauders are still really boring. And one of the new enemy types is one of the worst. It possesses other enemies, giving them 2-3x health, double movement speed, more damaging attacks, faster attacks etc, removes all weaknesses, etc. Basically removes the efficacy of all the tools you normally have to manage enemies. When you kill the possessed enemy, you get a few seconds to use the worst weapon mod in the game to kill it (literally no other thing damages it) and if you don't do it in time it possesses something else. Not enough ammo for that one weapon? Out of luck.

Also the last boss was garbage.

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Aladdin (Master System)
The Walking Dead Season 1 (The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, Xbox One)
The Walking Dead Season 2 (The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, Xbox One)
Outer Wilds (Xbox One)
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Wii U)
Full Throttle Remastered (Xbox One)

I loved this back in the day so it was great doing it again. Some of the magic of discovery was lost, though it took me a lot less time.

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