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E3 2019

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Anyone care?

A few interesting things on Switch for me, including Witcher 3 and Alien Isolation. Will be interesting to see how these run. I never got far in W3 on PS4, so if it’s decent it’ll be good to play on the go. This comes from someone who played Doom on the Switch and loved it despite looking way worse than other systems. Also teaser for Breath of the Wild 2 and Panzer Dragoon remake.

Only Gears 5 interests me on Xbox. The new hardware reveal wasn’t much of a reveal. Seems like they (and Sony) are keeping their powder dry for next year.

It seems like September is the month for new games this year. 5 or 6 that I have an eye on, but not much else for the rest of the year.

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Panzer Dragoon - although was it me or did the laser sounds seem a bit off? Might have been the stream though

Keanu Reeves


Xbox Pass changes are interesting but not something I need

Rest I didn't give much of a shit

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EA- Star Wars looks great.

Xbox- Gears 5 but no gameplay shown which is worrying. Ultimate game pass is something I'll be looking into as there's a lot of games on there I'd like to try but wouldn't want to shell out £40 to give them a go.

Bethesda-Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein both look awesome fun.

Ubi- Watchdogs Legion, loved the first 2 and this looks even better, love the idea of being any npc.

Square- Final Fantasy 7 remake looks amazing. Avengers does not.

Nintendo-Links Awakening, BOTW2 both have me excited. Luigis Mansion 3, looks brilliant. Astral chain still looks cool. I even liked the look of Animal Crossing... Basically they knocked it out of the park.


A pretty good bunch of stuff, but it's definitely a lower key E3 this year. Can't wait to see next year

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In general there's not enough gameplay shown this year. Too many pre rendered trailers to judge.

Nintendo have plenty of stuff for me the rest of this year which is nice. Fire Emblem, Mario Maker 2, Astral Chain, Luigi's Mansion, Pokemon and Link's awakening will keep me busy.

Doomy Turtle looks good, one for the PC. Wolfenstein looks decent but then I thought Wolfenstein 2 looked decent and was massively let down. Knowing Arkane are taking the reigns makes me confident.

I didn't really get the negativity over Fallen Order, looks solid to me.

Watch Dogs looks nice.

Outer Worlds looks... iffy, to be honest. Expected it to look better.

Trials of Mana remake interests me greatly.

Still annoyed at the lack of SNES on Switch Online app.

PC game pass is nice.

Laughed that all they showed of Halo was 4 minutes of Some Dude and no gameplay. Waste of time that. Gears 5 looks... ok. It's more Gears but on the plus side, we're past the phase were everything is trying to be Gears now so it's pretty unique these days. It's like if Halo decides to start just playing like fucking Halo again it'll feel completely unlike most other modern shooters.

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