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Detective Pikachu Movie

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I wasn't really keen to go to this, but Ryan Reynolds and the Mrs convinced me to go, and you know what? it was not only a good film, but brought a tear to my eye more than once.

Won't go into spoilers, but this is a surprisingly dark film, and ventures into surprisingly mature content in places that would make me think twice about taking a younger child to see it. Most likely it will go over the kids heads, but there's a few "ooh" moments that made my raise an eyebrow.

The graphics special effects are really well done, a few shonky places here and there, but everything gelled really nicely, and you could easily get lost in a fictional realm where Aipom swing from telephone poles and police patrol with Growlithe.

Some of the pokemon designs are beautifully rendered, Pikachu looks entirely believable as a creature, but others look... I don't know... forced? most of the birds don't look right, and the less said about Lickitung and Mr Mime the better, they need to die by fire. Bulbasaur though is a childhood favourite of mine and is the most gorgeous design in the film, and didn't feature anywhere near enough for my liking.


Lookit his ikkle face!

The acting is mostly good, the main character is perfectly fine as the awkward fish out of water character, Ryan is great as Pikachu, but the rest of the cast were a bit meh. The female love interest I couldn't decide if she was acting a videogame/kids film stereotype, or is just a bad actress because in some scenes she was good, and others I was thinking "man she must have given the director a really good gobble"

Ken Watanabe, such a good actor, mostly wasted on cheesy 80's cop movie dialogue

Bill Nighy, what scenes he was in, was just ok, another good actor wasted by generic lines

So if the acting is a bit shit, why did I say it's such a good film? the rest of it makes up for it, the action is great, doesn't go into comic tropes too much, and there's some really nice nods to the Alien franchise. The story borrows heavily from the animated films, like, loads, but not in a bad way, and picks and chooses some fan favourite set pieces and does them really well. You get a nice, cohesive story, well paced and balances world building and story progression so you aren't force fed exposition every 10 minutes.

The ending was kind of predictable, but then this isn't supposed to be Hitchcock, and wrapped up most of the plot threads.

Overall, I'm glad I went, not sure I would buy it on Bluray, but when it hits Netflix, will definitely add it to my Sunday afternoon watch list.

Assorted thoughts:

No Nurse Joy - sad

No Gardevoir - sad

No Pokemon Centres - sad

The police are Thomas the Tank Engine level incompetent

Psyducks eyes creep me out like fuck


Psyduck is O.P.

Really want the surely must exist Ryan Reynolds x-rated outtakes to leak

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I saw this last week with the other half. It was enjoyable, although not enough screen time for Snorlax.

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1 hour ago, El_Patriot said:

I saw this last week with the other half. It was enjoyable, although not enough screen time for Snorlax.

Snorlax was one of the designs I thought looked quite ropey, the super comic designed monsters just don't look right.

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He just looked like a big fluffy bear, but hard to get a good look after just a few seconds.

Lickitung can piss right off. Nightmare fuel.

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