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Atelier Lydie & Suelle - Switch

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As a longtime fan of the Atelier games, this was an instant buy as it never made it to the Vita in the west, and I (still) don't own a PS4

If you aren't familiar, it's a nice, wholesome (mostly) slice of life game where you run an Alchemist shop and have to explore/collect/synthesize shit for people with some comically absurd turn based RPG elements thrown in.

I say "mostly wholesome" as it should be one of those nice, happy pretty girls doing pretty things games, but there's always... always... some pervy stuff randomly thrown in, which would be fine in obvious fanservice games, but in these it does spoil it somewhat.

The gameplay is near identical to others in the series, collect quests (usually time limited), travel to X area, kill/collect Y, synthesize something, deliver product. In-between quests there's the usual JRPG plot elements, delivered in real time or hand painted cut scenes, and a selection of characters you can select to join your party. Combat is your standard turn based fare, with lots of over the top comic attack options targeting cute, often generic designed enemies.

So far, so very Tachi, but let's talk about optimisation, or rather the lack of it.

Handheld mode, it looks beautiful, but quite often will drop to barely double digit FPS, and docked it runs great, but looks suspiciously like 480p stretched to 1080p, the pixels are so huge and sharp they lacerate your eyeballs. This is a huge let down for me, the Vita games ran and looked near identical to the PS3 versions (I own the same game on both consoles) so the company has form in creating well optimised games.

I will keep playing it though, the games are always fun, but never groundbreaking time killers, I just need to find a way to artificially induce cataracts to smooth out the graphics when docked.

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