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Sonic Mania Plus

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Anyone grab this expansion? Tis £4.

It adds Mighty and Ray as playable characters who are both a lot of fun to use. Ray is probably the standout and can glide like Mario with a cape in SMW. Feels really fun.

It also adds Encore mode, which uses slightly palette adjusted versions of the stages, which have also been further remixed from how they were the first time around. Plus, the flying stage is replaced with a normal stage that normally only Knuckles can encounter, and there's no lives per-se, but you collect each of the 5 characters and swap to them when you die. You have two active at once, and can hit X on Switch to Switch between them on the fly Donkey Kong style. There's also a new checkpoint post minigame to replace blue spheres, a sort of pinball minigame which is way more fun, and 7 new special stages.

Also, if you beat all the blue spheres levels in the regular game, they'll be replaced by the new better pinball ones if you play that mode too.

Worth the money imo.

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That's cool - I got the download on Switch and then the physical version on Xbox. I haven't finished the original game yet so will get to this eventually.

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