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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

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My JRPG July game! I always like to pick an RPG to power through in July and this year went with Ys VIII.

I'm about 10 hours in and what a fucking game! It's like Secret of Mana set on the Monster Hunter island!

Premise is simple. You are on a ship that gets attacked by a Kraken and wash ashore on this mystery island. The start of the game has you searching out other survivors, before you start building and upgrading a settlement and then start mapping the island.

There's an incredible feeling of exploration, and it's all helped along with just the quickest most responsive RPG combat. No time bars, just 60fps thwacking (on home machines anyway - think it's 30fps on Switch).

The monster design is great too. The bit I am at now has gone full on Jurassic Park.

Anyway I'm having a blast with this. Polygon liked it too!


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I've 'yarred' this on the PC to give it a go and it does seem pretty good. I think I want it on the Switch though, so am happy to wait until I see it at a good price on that. 

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