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Binged a few over Christmas


Mindhunter - Netflix


Manhunt: Unabomber - Netflix


Sinner - Netflix


Star Trek Discovery - Netflix (surprisingly good)

Stranger Things 2 - Netflix (still 2 to watch)


Also watched last year, Ray Donavon, Lucifer, The Wire, Rivera, the Tunnel, Dark Matter

I tried "The Gift" but got bored after 4/5 eps.

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I've been watching the Wire, looks funny when you see them working with typewriters and film cameras now.

Changed the text to better reflect what I meant.

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Finished Sinner last night and thought it was great. Now onto Dark which looks really good too even though it's German.


Netflix is amazing at the moment. I don't even bother pirating anymore.

Same here, I am happy to pay for things if people make them available here, which was not the case for years and years.

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Saw my first game of thrones last year. Tried to catch up over Christmas but I had trouble finding episodes around season three :( I know how most of it goes though, due to diligent YouTubing.

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Dark was great, I did cheat watch it with English Dubbing which as horrible!

Really hope there is a second season.


Also watched Line Of Duty, that was pretty great too.

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I've kind of gone off GoT since Season 5 so it's a nice replacement. Doesn't feel like it really earns its drama any more, it just rushes from BIG MOMENT to BIG MOMENT without thinking to show us the build up or fallout from those events. Loads of stuff happened in the last season but it all felt like it had no impact as it doesn't dwell on the results any more. I know they need to up the pace, but you used to get like, a whole season of build up to something like the red wedding, now you get like one scene of dialogue if you're lucky. I guess that's the problem when you get to the point the books start to suck and then run out of books right after.

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Agree Duffers (although I would say that they have to accelerate the pace along with the scale or it wouldnt work) and disagree Al. I gave up after season 5 when they introduced another Badie to hate for a whole new season of nothing until the final episode. Walking dead would have been my favourite if they decided on a clear end.


Westworld has so much T&A thats its impossible not to love.


Ive been watching Broadchurch with the Mrs and I hate it and its stupid plot holes. But I do find it oddly compelling and going to start season 3 tonight.

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Has anyone seen Wild Wild Country on Netflix?


I am fascinated by cults and why and how people get in to this crap - great six part documentary, can't believe where it goes!


One weird thing... how are these guys not part of common parlance or general knowledge? Everyone's at least heard of "drinking the koolaid" in some way or other... a references to Jonestown where spiked koolaid was used to poison HUNDREDS of cult members... but these guys I had never heard of, and I love this shit.

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