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Got one of these and together with Launchbox and emulators can now stream a shitload of stuff to my PC including Amiga, SNES, Mega Drive, Gameboy, GBA, MAME and Saturn. Took a fair amount of fiddling but I am a very happy bunny.

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Takes some work and there's a couple of approaches. I'm using Launchbox premium which includes a big screen version which works well. The real effort is getting the emulators set up just right. Launchbox has a YouTube channel with a load of tutorials.


Another method is using Steam with something called ICE which I didn't try as I didn't want my Steam list to be crowded with all the emulated games.


There is an extra program I bought called VirtualHere which helps with some controller pass-through issues I was having especially with using Mednafen to run Saturn games.

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