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Never really got into the DS games so can't really comment too much.


Despite being controller smashingly annoyed at this sometimes I've actually really enjoyed it. It's been a long time since I played something that has felt so well put together and well made. Everything works within the world it inhabits and if that's what the DS games are like too then I understand their popularity!


Progress wise I'm about level 80 something now and just killed the penultimate boss. I realise I've missed an optional area so I'm off to do that then to finish it off. Fingers crossed I'll be done today. But I do have some house stuff to do... So obviously I'm doing music stuff.

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Started this over the weekend.

Cleric Beast - Not too bad
Gascoigne - Not too bad, but your arena's a cunt full of shit you stuck on, fuck you
Blood Starved Beast - Not too bad
Vicar Amelia - Not too bad
Darkbeast Paarl - CUNT
Witch of Henwick - Easy

I'm liking the return of the DS1 style design with hubs and shortcuts rather than the more linear A-B progression featured in 2-3. The game itself feels a bit more forgiving a lot of the time but with the potential for it to absolutely fuck you if you stop paying attention. The "recover health by hitting things" mechanic is a bit of a trap as it often goads you into trying to attack before an enemy combo is done and taking more damage instead.

I did a huge chunk of some forbidden woods last night, was glad to find a shortcut back to a lantern as I was carting about 70k echoes around by that point. I'm at something like level 53 now, not sure whether to continue in this area or check out the nightmare frontier next. Once I've hoovered up meeting NPCs I've missed, that is.

I'm doing a Str Build, primarily using the Kirkhammer as it's fucking awesome and secondarily the axe.

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Boss updates:

Amygdala: Easy
Shadows of Yarnham: Not too bad
Rom the Vacuous Spider: Easy
Random hunter before Rom: Bit of a cunt

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Further boss updates:

One Reborn: Not too bad
Celestial Emissary: lol
Ebrietas: Not too bad
Micolash: Stop running away ya prick
Mergo's Wet Nurse: Looks scarier than it is
Ludwig: I brought an NPC hunter in and smacked the shit out of it first try, so I dunno
Living Failures: lol
Lady Maria: Probably the most fun fight, pretty damn tough though
Orphan of Kos: I understand why people think it's the hardest of the entire series, but it wasn't that bad. Mostly because of how generous it is with with healing and attack windows

Time to run the endgame now. And do the optional boss in the DLC I missed.

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