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Scheduled Maintenance

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We would like to inform you about an upcoming maintenance for our DNScluster, which will take place on Sunday, November 6th, 2011 at 12:00AM EDT atour US data center facility (DC2). We have set the maintenance window for 5 hours. Our DNS cluster is currently used by virtually all servers in the USdata center (DC2) and is responsible for all recursive DNS lookups, as well asserving as the authoritative server for all of the SurpassHosting.comcorporate domains. The current cluster has been in operation for closeto 4 years and while we have not seen any significant issues with it, wewould like to replace it with a new and improved setup, which wouldoffer us more capacity and redundancy. During the maintenance, all servers that utilize our internal DNSresolvers (,,, willexperience sporadic DNS lookup problems. DNS lookups are performed bymost of the services that run on any given server and thus are likely toaffect the server's performance. While you will still be able to accessyour server, it is possible that you will see sporadic issues with mailservices, slower website loading and potential website outages during theaforementioned maintenance window. The maintenance involves removing the old DNS cluster servers andracking the new servers. To minimize DNS downtime, we will be puttingthe old DNS cluster back online in a temporary location until the newDNS cluster is fully setup. We apologize in advance for any issues that this may cause and urge you totake all necessary precautions to minimize the impact for you and your clients.

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I love scheduled maintenance, especially when they say "We do not envisage this will cause any disruption" I always assume the worst.

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