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Guest marthagogo

post when you read a book

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So it looks like your taste in books and mine are quite similar. I finally got around to reading Hundred year old man (have you seen the film? It's not bad) and Mr Penumbra last year and really enjoyed them both.


I went to get The Unnoticeables from Audible and almost clicked buy when I noticed David Wong had a new book on there! Bought that instead but will pick up TU when I get a new credit next week.

I read Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits last month, it revels in being brash and funny in the same way John Dies at the End did. The bad guy is a complete dick. Stupidly, entertainingly so.

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So I have not listed here in.... Ever! In recent months I've read or reread

Fight Club

Forest Gump

Hunger Games 1,2 and half of 3

Man in the high castle

I, partridge

Ready player one

The Internet is a playground

I am legend

The Martian

Orange is the new black

The prestige


The only good thing night shifts are for is reading...

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So I've been a bit busy:


Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits- It was okay but not great. It had some funny moments...


Bazaar of Bad Dreams-Stephen King- Some god, some bad and some great. A typical King short story compilation.


Star Wars Books- The Force Awakens, Heir to the Jedi, Aftermath, Lords of the Sith and Dark Disciple. All good in their own way, with each writer bringing something different. Basically if you're into Star Wars there's something to like here.


They're all "new canon" and set in different times. I figured I'd get in on the ground floor since they've reset everything :) Got 2 more ready to go Tarkin and New Dawn on Audiobook and another 2 Battlefront and Lost Stars on Kindle/Paperback then I'm up to date.


I'm also plugging away on Morrisseys autobiography....


Edit:Forgot The Martian until I read Daves post. How could I forget that!

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I've just finished reading Burmese Days, which was George Orwell's first book. Set in Burma under British rule in the 20s, it's not really like 1984 or Animal Farm in its themes, more just a scathing look at people inside the British empire in countries such as India and Burma in the waning days of empire. I didn't realise that Orwell was a police officer for the empire during those years in Burma, hence why this was his first book.

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Bit of spam (what a surprise from me). A friend has written a book, and it's really really good. Sci-fi, not going to give away any of the plot, but just post the link to Amazon. You can buy it for the kindle or the kindle app for the princely sum of £2.99. If you need something to read and you fancy giving a new author a go, I can recommend this.



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