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Found 1 result

  1. So I'm a few hours into this now, just about to do the third gym, and I'm not sure what to think of it. Graphically, it's... nice... in a HD 3DS sort of way, seems to be made with re-used assets, not amazing, but, functionally cute. Doesn't seem to upscale when docked though, everything looks a bit rough. The gameplay is standard, other than the gigantimax rubbish, giant pokemon for a couple of turns is interesting, but outside of gym battles and boss beacons you find scattered around, it's largely pointless. My problem really, is it just feels so disjointed, very early on in the game you have to cross a large expanse filled with random pokemon, both in the grass and just ambling around, these can be anything from level 10 up to 35-ish from what I have seen so far. Now you still can't capture anything above the level defined by your gym badge, but you can exploit the shit out of this, type weaknesses, weather bonuses and a mandatory EXP-all mean you can just cheese pokemon dozens of levels above you and level your team way above what you should be able to realistically achieve. All within the first 4 hours of the game. The seemingly random pokemon also appear everywhere, normally you would expect say route 1 to have 5 common pokemon and 2 rare, you now have dozens scattered around, and they change according to the time of day, weather, what colour shoes you wear, and it's honestly exhausting, having to constantly re-visit areas to see if something new has appeared. I love grind, but a structured grind, this scatter gun approach just doesn't inspire me. I am 6 hours in and my pokedex is in the high 80's, and I haven't even evolved anything outside of my original team. I am enjoying it, but... hmmm... it's not the evolution (pun) that I was hoping for, just more of the same with a few novelties tacked on and a few odd design decisions.
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