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Everything posted by bigman

  1. bigman

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    It's so good.
  2. bigman

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    Mass Effect Andromeda - PS4 Mixed bag this one. Looks amazing and score at the same time, with some seriously bad pacing, animation, glitches, etc but somehow it made me finish it. Worst of the 4.
  3. bigman

    EGX London 2019

    Yup. Bought for Jay, Ginj, Jimmy and me.
  4. bigman

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    Spider-Man - PS4 Excelsior! Platinumed the main game and will do the DLC after a break but loved it. Such a great game and nailed being Spidey.
  5. bigman

    EGX London 2019

    Put me down for this (the meet up that is, not injecting me with a lethal dose at a vets). I'll let Dreddypoops know too as he has only just got the hang of the alphabet and is very unlikely to see this post.
  6. bigman

    PlayStation Classic

    Pre-order is in.
  7. bigman

    Destiny PS4

    Or harder to get on a Raid.
  8. bigman


    The search function?
  9. bigman

    Dead Cells

    I'll grab it in a sale or see if it's a PS+ drop.
  10. bigman

    Mine works too!

    Yes mate!! Great news!!
  11. bigman

    giant bomb (cast)

    Currently listening to: Giant Beastcast The Computer Game Show Empire Magazine Adam Buxton PlayStation Radio Uk Sacred Symbols (Colin Moriaty) Hip Hop Saved My Life (Romesh Ranganathan) Cannot recommend Serial enough as well.
  12. bigman


  13. bigman


    Because THAT other famous picture got posted and re-quoted a billion times. God help us all.
  14. bigman

    Funny Internet 2

    Check out the Star Wars parody too! http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2663936