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  1. Mass Effect Andromeda - PS4 Mixed bag this one. Looks amazing and score at the same time, with some seriously bad pacing, animation, glitches, etc but somehow it made me finish it. Worst of the 4.
  2. Spider-Man - PS4 Excelsior! Platinumed the main game and will do the DLC after a break but loved it. Such a great game and nailed being Spidey.
  3. Good spot that. Will check out tomorrow.
  4. Not online but was in Tescos yesterday and they had Star Wars Battlefront II for £20 quid.
  5. Ni No Kuni (PS3) on PS+ for £17.99 and ICO and SOTC coming for free next month!
  6. Tomb Raider bundle on PSN for £19.99! Easter promo only!
  7. Cheers for this! Wifey bought it for my birthday!
  8. The Imposter - Incredible true story about a missing child that turns up after almost 4 years. Saying any more would ruin it. Must see!!
  9. Dishonored (Special Edition) PS3/Xbox for £21.49 Game in-store or online! Picked up 2 for Xmas pressies!! I got mine from ASDA Direct (£25) for a tenner as they fucked up my Borderlands 2 pre-order and I used the £15 off voucher they gave me. WIN.
  10. Google has a nice John Lennon birthday treat on it's homepage.

    1. Al


      John who ;)

    2. RetroBob


      Fuck the beatles.

  11. Crumbs! It sounds like they've jailbreaked the PS3! Rumours spreading like wild fire...

  12. has added Suikoden and Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo to Xenogears and FFVII on his iPhone.

    1. bigman


      I know. I still can't get my head round the fact that I'm playing PSX games on my phone. Brilliant!


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