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  1. Mass Effect Andromeda - PS4 Mixed bag this one. Looks amazing and score at the same time, with some seriously bad pacing, animation, glitches, etc but somehow it made me finish it. Worst of the 4.
  2. Yup. Bought for Jay, Ginj, Jimmy and me.
  3. Spider-Man - PS4 Excelsior! Platinumed the main game and will do the DLC after a break but loved it. Such a great game and nailed being Spidey.
  4. Put me down for this (the meet up that is, not injecting me with a lethal dose at a vets). I'll let Dreddypoops know too as he has only just got the hang of the alphabet and is very unlikely to see this post.
  5. bigman

    Destiny PS4

    Or harder to get on a Raid.
  6. I'll grab it in a sale or see if it's a PS+ drop.
  7. Good spot that. Will check out tomorrow.
  8. Do you have to buy the caveats separately?
  9. bigman

    Destiny PS4

    They stole everyone's bank account details....
  10. Not online but was in Tescos yesterday and they had Star Wars Battlefront II for £20 quid.
  11. bigman

    Destiny PS4

    The only real enjoyment I've got from this game is actually playing with buddies. The game itself is a great shooter but the way they have treated us consumers is fucking tragic. Totally agree with Wayne on this.
  12. bigman


    Lol! I worked in hospitality for over 20 years and by the time my wife and I left the pub we were running, we were both mentally and physically broken. She was depressed as well as we couldn't have children and I was working myself into the ground. We resigned without work to go to, and then within a month of leaving, both ending up working for the NHS. Within a year, she feel pregnant. We now have less money but are happier and with a beautiful daughter. Mental.
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