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Everything posted by Duffman

  1. Duffman

    E3 2019

    In general there's not enough gameplay shown this year. Too many pre rendered trailers to judge. Nintendo have plenty of stuff for me the rest of this year which is nice. Fire Emblem, Mario Maker 2, Astral Chain, Luigi's Mansion, Pokemon and Link's awakening will keep me busy. Doomy Turtle looks good, one for the PC. Wolfenstein looks decent but then I thought Wolfenstein 2 looked decent and was massively let down. Knowing Arkane are taking the reigns makes me confident. I didn't really get the negativity over Fallen Order, looks solid to me. Watch Dogs looks nice. Outer Worlds looks... iffy, to be honest. Expected it to look better. Trials of Mana remake interests me greatly. Still annoyed at the lack of SNES on Switch Online app. PC game pass is nice. Laughed that all they showed of Halo was 4 minutes of Some Dude and no gameplay. Waste of time that. Gears 5 looks... ok. It's more Gears but on the plus side, we're past the phase were everything is trying to be Gears now so it's pretty unique these days. It's like if Halo decides to start just playing like fucking Halo again it'll feel completely unlike most other modern shooters.
  2. Yeah, you're not in for a good time if you're looking for deep combat in a Warriors game. They're more about being able to read a map and be in the right place at the right time to manage the battle/objectives. The combat is really just a means to that end. On normal you can just sleepwalkthrough it, and the combat is never hard on any difficulty. Hard is fun though as you have to be on the ball to keep on top of the objectives and the type matchups at least matter or stuff takes too long to kill for you to win. I enjoy these games, at least the Fire Emblem/Hyrule ones. Not for everyone though. Proper Fire Emblem is due in July iirc. Garbage selection of characters in this too, I understand Awakening was popular but 80% of the roster is Awakening/Fates. And Fates has shit characters. There's so much great stuff to draw from in this series and they picked 80% of the roster from 2 games and 80% of that 80% are blue haired sword users anyway. You have to buy a DLC just to be able to use a fucking Spear infantry.
  3. The Pro Controller has a notoriously shitty d-pad which registers the wrong directional input a lot of the time. Pressing left/right can trigger an up press which accidentally makes you hard drop a piece. Mine's not as bad for it many people's but it's fucked me over a few times. There's actually even an option in Tetris 99 specifically because of it, where you can change the drop sensitivity. Made me drop a piece in a really bad location which meant I couldn't clear any lines. Probably wouldn't have won anyway but definitely finished me prematurely. But at least it reminded me to actually go and turn that setting on.
  4. Did the games needed to get the skin this morning. Best I managed was third then I got pro-controllered.
  5. Gonna play a bit this weekend to get that theme. Speaking of themes did you try Puyo Puyo Tetris at all? Great game and a ton of nice little block themes (including GB!)
  6. I can never quite get my head around this game. I usually do ok, until suddenly I get targeted by That One Player who just dumps an enourmous amount of shit on my screen before I have a chance to recover. I'm midway setting up a tetris, 12 lines appear and so I abort the tetris and try to just clear asap but I don't have the right pieces immediately on hand and just get another 12 dumped on me. Always seems to be how I die; doing fine then suddenly get utterly destroyed out of nowhere in 5 seconds flat.
  7. Metro Exodus (PC) It was ok. The first thing I'd recommend is not playing on Ranger Hardcore, because it's simply a fucking dreadful experience in many parts. I had to do some config file editing to turn it off half way through the game since it doesn't let you change if you pick it. I wanted it for the mostly HUDless experience since it goes well with this sort of atmospheric shooter. Unfortanately as with the last 2 Metro games, 4A still don't seem to actually get anyone to play the damn thing in this mode themselves. For example: playing this way disables all tutorial prompts. There are so many things which I only knew were systems in the game because I'd played previous ones. Otherwise I imagine someone just seeing their flashlight run out and not even know you can recharge it. Or have to keep looking controls up because the game doesn't bother to tell you. Another thing with this mode is the AI, which is absolute shit of the highest order. They take cover like morons, constantly leaving huge parts of their bodies sticking out for you to blast. Which would be fine, but on the other hand there's roughly a 50/50 chance that one will nail you in one shot with a headshot through a crack in a wooden wall from 50m away at any given time. Some sections are damn near impossible too because in the sections intended for stealth, some enemies will simply spot you from 100m away, through about 5 walls. Others will spot you through the ceiling, or while their backs are turned, and so on. It's garbage. Finally, it disables quicksaves and lets you only save at base camps or at checkpoints. With the amount of utter bullshit RH mode pulls you'd hope the checkpoint system would be up to scratch. It's not. The game at several points failed to checkpoint for periods of over 20-30 minutes. This included clearing bandit outposts, and entering highly dangerous linear areas. You can save at base camps, but in some parts of the game these are very far apart, and in one part quite hard to even come across. At one point after clearing 5 areas with no checkpoint, I drove back to a base camp only for a scripted ambush to kill me and wipe out 40 minutes of progress. So yeah, pick Hardcore. You don't die in one shot so much, the game's less obnoxiously stingy with resources, and you don't have to suffer the terribly inconsistent AI and awful checkpoints. What the game does well is visuals and atmosphere. It's continuously stunning to look at, and probably the best realised environment of this type that I've seen in a game yet. The game's structure kind of alternates open area and linear sequence for the first 2/3 of the game. The open worlds are relatively small but have just enough upgrades and materials around the place to make it worth exploring every corner before moving on. That said, the second of the two open areas was somewhat dull. There's a lot of driving between A and B across empty space. Which was a shame as the first and a subsequent semi-open area were really well paced. It controls really well and the combat is great fun when it's not being bullshit in ranger hardcore. So I had fun with it, but it was probably the weakest of the series for me. It's really just too ambitious a game for what is effectively an indie studio, in my opinion. The open worlds are nice but there's several more linear sequences toward the game's end which really reminded me of the previous games and were really tightly designed. The game's final chapter is as good as anything in the previous games, and it made me think it was a shame that so much of the first half features so much meandering.
  8. Wait, isn't there already a red blue console? The neon joycons innit
  9. It looks like a looter shooter which forgot that the reason looters like Warframe, Diablo and Destiny work is because it's all geared to getting you into that fun looty fighting bit as quickly and repeatedly as possible so that the lack of variety doesn't really matter. Kill kill kill kill loot loot scrap sell kill kill kill, etc. It's that relentlessness that makes the grind work. Anthem's shooty core looks pretty good but it looks like 3 minute long load screen, walk, fly, conversation, walk, fly, bit of kill, walk, talk, load screen, walk... Marrying that Biowareness to a looter game just doesn't work. It's why Destiny went with a silent protagonist, so that once things get going you can do the fun looty shooty stuff while the plot just... happens in the background. People make fun of it, but relegating a lot of lore and story to journals is a good way in this sort of game to ensure the world feels developed without keeping players away from the fun bit.
  10. Had a week off due to holiday but still in the groove
  11. Pathfinder is my fave, pushing enemy positions is very effective in this game and Pathfinder is the best at it as you can both provide your team with a way in via the zipline and yourself an unexpected attack angle using the grapple.
  12. Probably going to be a fair amount of that early on while the game is growing I think.
  13. Most fun in MP in years, it's fucking incredible. Also I've had like 8 wins which helps. Love seeing my lil portrait in the arena
  14. This is the best BR game. There is no question. Solid gunplay - the weapons just feel good to use, sound great and have just the right amount of kick. Bullet drop and travel time keeps things reasonably challenging. The TTK is fairly high so you don't get fucking instantly blitzed by the pros as well. Ping system - this shit is genius. At a basic level, a context sensitive button press highlights things on your team's hud - from "lets to go here" if you haven't got anything of note in your crosshair, to putting it over a decent bit of loot you don't need and highlighting it for your team. You can highlight unopened containers, or with a double press, mark a spot where you've seen an enemy. Hold it down and you get a radial menu where you can say "this area's already looted" or other similar callouts. Even better, you can highlight spaces in your inventory and ping those too - need heavy ammo? Just open your inventory, put the cursor over your ammo icon and hit the ping button and your character will point it out. Need a scope? Just request one. Jumpmaster - I've always hated playing with randos in these games because they'll mark a place to land and fucking miss by a mile while you land where you're supposed to and eat shit at the hands of an enemy squad. Not here - one of your squad gets assigned jumpmaster. When they jump, you jump automatically and you automatically follow their flight path. If you really don't like it, you can hit a button to break off, but it keeps people together brilliantly. You can use the ping system to suggest locations, and ping an existing location to do an "I agree", and so on. Voiced callouts - All the ping stuff is fully voiced - your character has several voice lines for every type of ping. They'll even say "I need a high power scope" if you're requesting a scope on a sniper rifle and "need close range optics" if you do it on a shotgun. Plus, your characters are generally vocal as they perform actions, which gives a HUGE amount of character to the game Characters - Speaking of characters, you get to pick one. Each of your squad take turns to pick one of the 8 current characters, each has a passive, active and ultimate ability. They confer a certain amount of playstyle changes, but don't break the game. Bloodhound for example can pulse every 30 seconds to scan for enemies, but it only works at a short range and if they are moving. His passive lets him see hud icons pointing out recent enemy activity - fired gun here, climbed up here, and so on. His ult highlights enemies red and lets him move fast for a short time. Makes him a great recon character. There's a medic character who can revive people quicker and deploy a healing drone and call in supply drops, and so on. Respawns - You can respawn, somewhat aptly for a game by respawn. This immediately improves squads, because if you win a teamfight and only you died you don't have to sit and watch without interaction. If your team reach your body inside 90 seconds they can collect your banner. Then they take it to one of the respawn stations and call in a dropship, which you jump out of. No gear but that's not usually a problem if you can reach your own body again to resupply. Loot - The loot's tiered and works really well. Most guns are pretty decent, and there's a great selection of weapon attachments to pick from. There's also all sorts of equipment and healing items, from different levels of armour and helmets through to consumables which fast charge your ultimate or instant recharge your armour. Armour works by giving you an extra health bar essentially, with better armour giving a longer bar. You can use shield batteries to recharge it. It's polished as shit - seriously, it runs fantastically both on my PS4 and PC (I get 100+ FPS on my 3 year old midrange GPU with the graphics maxed FFS) and it looks great. The movement is great fun, not as freeform as Titanfall but sliding down hills is great fun. There's nothing janky about this game at all. Theming - kind of like hunger games, this is presented as being an actual tournament of sorts - this means there's big leaderboards throughout the maps showing the current kill leader, announcements when the kill leader or a previous victor dies, and so on. It really adds to the game's character. That's about all. It's ace. Randoms work together basically by design. You don't even need to talk.
  15. Yeah, the demo made me go for PC. The pro textures were suprisingly low res and the HDR is shit. I've got as far as the arrival of a certain bad guy who likes following around so far and it's very good. Started as Claire as apparently that was the canon story in the original.
  16. I've heard around 6 hours for each campaign.
  17. This thread is for games you didn't finish in 2019. Okami HD (Switch) - I was looking forward to a 3D Zelda knockoff, but unfortunately I just can't be bothered to keep going. I'm just... bored. The game is beautiful and the world design is amazing. I've played 25 hours and had a reasonable amount of fun, but I just want it to stop. It's just so hand-holdy. In the 25 hours I've played, at least 10 has been just wanting Issun to shut his fucking mouth. It feels like scarcely any of the game has let me loose with the various powers to figure things out for myself. Instead even 25 hours in, the game insists on telling me what to do at every angle. Puzzles aren't puzzles when you literally tell me the solution the moment I enter a room. It's a shame because for the hour or so I was in the moon cave the potential seemed like it was being realised. I figured as I moved into the second Arc of the game, this would be where the training wheels came off and the game and I'd be let loose. But it just keeps hand holding. There's so much potential for creative use of the powers but the game constantly undermines itself by not trusting the player to figure things out for themselves. I really wanted to love this game, but... I don't. Having beaten Ninetales, I just don't feel any need to keep going. Especially after being treated to another 15 minutes of painfully slow text boxes immediately afterward. I'd file it alongside Twilight Princess when it comes to games I just didn't get on with. Though I dropped TP a hell of a lot quicker.
  18. I finished Uncharted 4 this weekend and interestingly had some similar feelings at first - I was really enjoying the reduced focus on combat. Bizarrely though there's basically no ramp up as the game goes on. I always thought combat was the weakest part of Uncharted so appreciated the reduction of it, but I ended up wanting more combat. There's barely any, with most chapters feeling like they exist of 20 minutes of climbing, 5-10 minutes of puzzles/walking, and one or two gunfights. The set pieces were great but few and far between. It was bizarre having the final chapter have like, no combat but a bad QTE boss. Weird game, I expected things to start picking up after the halfway point and the pace building, but it just... doesn't. The pleasant change of pace from the others ended up just becoming a bit boring. I'll grab TLL at some point - I've heard it strikes the best balance.
  19. Played on both PS4 Pro and PC to decide which version to get. It's basically early Resi by way of Resident Evil 7's mechanics. Essentially, 7 from a third person perspective with locations/puzzles from early Resi. I really enjoyed it. Will probably plump for the PC version as I was kind of disappointed how it looked on console. Surprisingly low res textures and the HDR was rubbish and washed out.
  20. I played a bunch of stuff over the break. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS4 - About the same as I remembered. I like the single location and smaller scale of it. Compared to the sequels but there's way too much combat and the platforming isn't very well signposted in a lot of places. The character writing is below the standard of the sequels as well. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - PS4 - Much worse than I remembered. I just found it really frustrating in a lot of places. Combat just drags on and on and on in the game's final third, many encounters are badly staged and frustrating slogs to get through. The story, writing and visuals are better and it opens really well, but I remembered this being my favourite of the trilogy and I came away not really liking it any more. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - PS4 - Much better than I remembered. I didn't like this that much when it came out and when I tried replaying it a while ago I got bored a few chapters in. But this time I really enjoyed it. Aside from one or two encounters the combat finally doesn't outstay its welcome, the pacing toward the end is much better and you spend longer than 2 minutes in the big mythical city. On the downside, the story is still a bit shit because they obviously came up with the set pieces first and then a story to link them afterward. As a general post game thought on the trilogy, I still don't quite get why they put so much combat in these games. It was never anywhere near as solid a shooter as Gears of War yet like half of Uncharted 2 is just wall to wall shooting. There's not really any interesting enemies, the guns feel fairly weak and many encounters are just set up in a really annoying way. Spider Man - PS4 - Started before Christmas and finished just after the new year. It was good. Swinging around is great fun, the story is really well done and the open world is fun to do the tasks in, despite the checklisty nature of it. Downsides are that the combat gets a bit silly toward the end and the final act is rushed. And the taskmaster challenges suck.
  21. DUSK - PC Classic style FPS. It's genuinely sublime. Split into 3 episodes like FPS games of old. Each one more bonkers than the last. Self contained levels with keycards etc, but with just the right amount of modern design sensibilities. Great enemies, terrific level design and great weapons. Nails the retro aesthetic too. Also beat Spyro Reignited Trilogy on the PS4, which was well... Spyro. Always loved Spyro.
  22. I might be tempted when AC7 comes out
  23. pretty sure the vom is a feature
  24. Bloodborne (PS4) - It's Souls, but hyper geared toward the sort of high mobilty melee builds I've always played in souls, minus the crutch of having a shield to tank a hit if you mistime a dodge. It's different, but not all that different. You'll still take the same approach to getting through the game as you would another Souls game. The focus on one type of build is welcome most of the time but on the other hand, it can feel a bit samey at times. Most bosses revolve around picking a direction to dodge/circle them in and stab them between attack patterns. It's a great world with some really awesome design going on. The interconnectedness of the earliest areas evokes the original Dark Souls, which I felt had been lost in DS 2 and 3. The game opens quite hard, I hadn't played a Souls for a while so was a little rusty. It did feel that as with most Souls games there was a downward difficulty curve, with the earliest areas and bosses being the toughest and becoming a bit of a pushover toward the end. It made a number of the bosses a little disappointing as they looked threatening but in the end went down a little easily. The DLC helped in that regard though as it was by far the toughest content in the game. The biggest issue with the game is the camera, which struggles to keep up with a lot of boss fights (Laurence, Darkbeast Paarl, Logarius being chief culprits), and how easy it is to get stuck on the scenery in busy moments. It's half the reason Gascoigne is so difficult, you get stuck on shit all the time. I think I did every non-chalice boss, so I'll probably come back for NG+ at some point to do the rest and maybe grab the platinum.
  25. Further boss updates: One Reborn: Not too bad Celestial Emissary: lol Ebrietas: Not too bad Micolash: Stop running away ya prick Mergo's Wet Nurse: Looks scarier than it is Ludwig: I brought an NPC hunter in and smacked the shit out of it first try, so I dunno Living Failures: lol Lady Maria: Probably the most fun fight, pretty damn tough though Orphan of Kos: I understand why people think it's the hardest of the entire series, but it wasn't that bad. Mostly because of how generous it is with with healing and attack windows Time to run the endgame now. And do the optional boss in the DLC I missed.
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