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  1. Duffman

    Resident Evil 2 Demo

    Played on both PS4 Pro and PC to decide which version to get. It's basically early Resi by way of Resident Evil 7's mechanics. Essentially, 7 from a third person perspective with locations/puzzles from early Resi. I really enjoyed it. Will probably plump for the PC version as I was kind of disappointed how it looked on console. Surprisingly low res textures and the HDR was rubbish and washed out.
  2. Duffman

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    I played a bunch of stuff over the break. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS4 - About the same as I remembered. I like the single location and smaller scale of it. Compared to the sequels but there's way too much combat and the platforming isn't very well signposted in a lot of places. The character writing is below the standard of the sequels as well. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - PS4 - Much worse than I remembered. I just found it really frustrating in a lot of places. Combat just drags on and on and on in the game's final third, many encounters are badly staged and frustrating slogs to get through. The story, writing and visuals are better and it opens really well, but I remembered this being my favourite of the trilogy and I came away not really liking it any more. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - PS4 - Much better than I remembered. I didn't like this that much when it came out and when I tried replaying it a while ago I got bored a few chapters in. But this time I really enjoyed it. Aside from one or two encounters the combat finally doesn't outstay its welcome, the pacing toward the end is much better and you spend longer than 2 minutes in the big mythical city. On the downside, the story is still a bit shit because they obviously came up with the set pieces first and then a story to link them afterward. As a general post game thought on the trilogy, I still don't quite get why they put so much combat in these games. It was never anywhere near as solid a shooter as Gears of War yet like half of Uncharted 2 is just wall to wall shooting. There's not really any interesting enemies, the guns feel fairly weak and many encounters are just set up in a really annoying way. Spider Man - PS4 - Started before Christmas and finished just after the new year. It was good. Swinging around is great fun, the story is really well done and the open world is fun to do the tasks in, despite the checklisty nature of it. Downsides are that the combat gets a bit silly toward the end and the final act is rushed. And the taskmaster challenges suck.
  3. Duffman

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    DUSK - PC Classic style FPS. It's genuinely sublime. Split into 3 episodes like FPS games of old. Each one more bonkers than the last. Self contained levels with keycards etc, but with just the right amount of modern design sensibilities. Great enemies, terrific level design and great weapons. Nails the retro aesthetic too. Also beat Spyro Reignited Trilogy on the PS4, which was well... Spyro. Always loved Spyro.
  4. Duffman

    PSVR - Is it worth it?

    I might be tempted when AC7 comes out
  5. Duffman

    PSVR - Is it worth it?

    pretty sure the vom is a feature
  6. Duffman

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Bloodborne (PS4) - It's Souls, but hyper geared toward the sort of high mobilty melee builds I've always played in souls, minus the crutch of having a shield to tank a hit if you mistime a dodge. It's different, but not all that different. You'll still take the same approach to getting through the game as you would another Souls game. The focus on one type of build is welcome most of the time but on the other hand, it can feel a bit samey at times. Most bosses revolve around picking a direction to dodge/circle them in and stab them between attack patterns. It's a great world with some really awesome design going on. The interconnectedness of the earliest areas evokes the original Dark Souls, which I felt had been lost in DS 2 and 3. The game opens quite hard, I hadn't played a Souls for a while so was a little rusty. It did feel that as with most Souls games there was a downward difficulty curve, with the earliest areas and bosses being the toughest and becoming a bit of a pushover toward the end. It made a number of the bosses a little disappointing as they looked threatening but in the end went down a little easily. The DLC helped in that regard though as it was by far the toughest content in the game. The biggest issue with the game is the camera, which struggles to keep up with a lot of boss fights (Laurence, Darkbeast Paarl, Logarius being chief culprits), and how easy it is to get stuck on the scenery in busy moments. It's half the reason Gascoigne is so difficult, you get stuck on shit all the time. I think I did every non-chalice boss, so I'll probably come back for NG+ at some point to do the rest and maybe grab the platinum.
  7. Duffman


    Further boss updates: One Reborn: Not too bad Celestial Emissary: lol Ebrietas: Not too bad Micolash: Stop running away ya prick Mergo's Wet Nurse: Looks scarier than it is Ludwig: I brought an NPC hunter in and smacked the shit out of it first try, so I dunno Living Failures: lol Lady Maria: Probably the most fun fight, pretty damn tough though Orphan of Kos: I understand why people think it's the hardest of the entire series, but it wasn't that bad. Mostly because of how generous it is with with healing and attack windows Time to run the endgame now. And do the optional boss in the DLC I missed.
  8. Duffman


    Martyr Logarius was a proper shitcunt.
  9. Duffman


    Boss updates: Amygdala: Easy Shadows of Yarnham: Not too bad Rom the Vacuous Spider: Easy Random hunter before Rom: Bit of a cunt
  10. Duffman


    Started this over the weekend. Cleric Beast - Not too bad Gascoigne - Not too bad, but your arena's a cunt full of shit you stuck on, fuck you Blood Starved Beast - Not too bad Vicar Amelia - Not too bad Darkbeast Paarl - CUNT Witch of Henwick - Easy I'm liking the return of the DS1 style design with hubs and shortcuts rather than the more linear A-B progression featured in 2-3. The game itself feels a bit more forgiving a lot of the time but with the potential for it to absolutely fuck you if you stop paying attention. The "recover health by hitting things" mechanic is a bit of a trap as it often goads you into trying to attack before an enemy combo is done and taking more damage instead. I did a huge chunk of some forbidden woods last night, was glad to find a shortcut back to a lantern as I was carting about 70k echoes around by that point. I'm at something like level 53 now, not sure whether to continue in this area or check out the nightmare frontier next. Once I've hoovered up meeting NPCs I've missed, that is. I'm doing a Str Build, primarily using the Kirkhammer as it's fucking awesome and secondarily the axe.
  11. Duffman

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    They're still working out how much unpaid overtime they're going to need everyone to pull to make the port.
  12. Duffman


    Give it another 7 years and maybe we'll know.
  13. Duffman

    Dead Cells

    Nope. It's beatable without it (cleared the standard difficulty twice) but it can be irritating.
  14. Duffman

    Dead Cells

    I have the full set of runes now, so plenty of options available to me. Still haven't cleared the clock tower but haven't really taken that route. Found another level on the same tier and also got fucked up in there. Going to run the regular path a bit more now I have the abilities.
  15. Duffman

    Dead Cells

    How far have you gotten so far? I've got 4 runes so far (the one that lets you do the daily challenge + 3 others), and the furthest I've made it in a run is the clock tower before getting fucking demolished. I'm tempted to focus the level 3 flask as I'm not too fussed about adding items to the random pool at the moment.