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  1. I have a feeling that MS will try and pull some gamepass stuff with Zenimax and Obsidian. That is, they'll say to Sony - we're happy to launch and sell these games on your systems after an initial exclusive period, but only if you let us have gamepass on there too. I feel like 2020 Microsoft will want a slice of both pies, to be honest. Agree that consolidating under single owners isn't great for consumers though, I'm also unhappy with the practice of giving a developer money to make a game not launch on a competitor's console a la FF16.
  2. Anyone got a pre-order in for the new generation? I've gone with a Series S - want a console for the bedroom, basically, and with Game Pass it seems ideal. The X feels like a bit too much for me with how long it'll take for MS' first party lineup to really spin up, so I think in a few years I'll grab a PS5 for the living room once there's more than 1-2 exclusives worth shelling out for. For anything really high spec, I'll have my PC.
  3. Here's what I've beaten this year: Shovel Knight: King of Cards (NS) Good stuff although I didn't really enjoy the card minigame that much which knocks a few points off. Platforming wise it's probably the second best of the bunch most of the way through bar some frustrating sections. Also reminds me a bit of Wario Land which is nice. Dragon Quest XI (NS) Quality old school RPG with fun characters and combat, an enourmous amount of content and a slightly lackluster story. God of War (PS4) Never finished this the first time because I played it on hard and apparently nobody at SSM knew how to make a hard mode not terrible. This time around I started on normal and it was a lot better. I didn't think much of the story but the visuals are great, the performances are good and the combat is great. Could use more enemy variety next time round though and the bosses are mostly a bit crap. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (NS) Didn't really know what to expect from this but had a lot of fun. One of the more enjoyable JRPG combat systems I've ever seen and nice to have some dungeons that are actually interesting to explore in a modern JRPG for a change. Resident Evil 4 (NS) Started this a few times on PC but never finished it. This time around I went through it. Some naff bosses aside I really enjoyed it but I'm glad the series has gone back to its horror roots. The story is basically nonexistent as well. But the actual combat and fighting is great, it's a really good action game. Doom Eternal (PC) It's like Doom 2016 and sometimes better than it, but the first few levels kind of suck as the combat only really works once you have all the options available to you, and the game simply will not stop throwing tutorials at you. The later levels get quite repetitive because the encounter design descends into just throwing billions of large enemies at you and the fights get very samey and there's often bizarre design decisions that make no sense. But when it clicks it's terriffic, there's a chain of levels in the middle that's just awesome. It also loses points on account of the Marauder being the worst enemy in all of video games. Ori and the Will of the Wisps (PC) Largely really enjoyed it but just like the last one there's a bunch of little frustrations here and there that hold it back from being really great. Many sections just feel really fiddly and it surprising how often you feel like you've got through a section the "wrong" way and it turns out that was genuinely what you were expected to do. The PC port was also pretty poor with all sorts of issues. Still, the music and visuals are stunning and it feels great to play the rest of the time. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (NS) I thought I'd love this, but it's not as much of a metroidvania as people would have you believe, and it really plays a lot more like an 8 bit game than I expected. It's got lots of random difficulty spikes too, and some really obtuse puzzles. The form switching isn't as great as you'd hope either as half of them are useless. It was fine for a while but toward the end it just alternated between frustrating and boring.
  4. It's the only one I've started but never finished. Genuinely put me to sleep unless I was in a dungeon.
  5. Frankly I find it more surprising that there are people who managed to not get bored playing Twilight Princess.
  6. I finished it the other day. When it's at its best it's better than the last one but it's a bit inconsistent to say the least. It's quite messy to start but once it settles in it's good. The biggest issue once it gets going is the Marauder enemy type which is possibly the shittest enemy in video game history and ruins every fight it shows up to. Still, I had fun but it was a bit like pulling teeth at times on UV difficulty.
  7. brb starting a gofundme so I can get a vive
  8. This has grown on me a lot btw. First few levels sucked though. And the much-vaunted "aggresive" playstyle doesn't really exist on harder difficulties, unless you count continually running away in circles around an arena taking shots where possible while chainsawing fodder for ammo as "aggression". You can't really take enemies head on like in the last game.
  9. Yeah we had some good rounds. I'm quite liking Warzone actually, seems pretty easy to get a few kills rather than getting into those ruts in other BRs where it gets frustrating.
  10. Well twas fun but the game is now not letting me join
  11. Ginj are you not able to use in game chat?
  12. Do you guys hear my voice chat? Are you in a live party or something?
  13. Sent you a request Ginj
  14. Schweet, I'll be on in 15.
  15. To illustrate the weirdness of the game just a bit more, I just got to a cutscene introducing a boss literally the whole level had been building up to, the fight KICKS OFF and Boom, tutorial screen. That literally lists all the boss's weak points, attacks, etc etc, that you have to click through to dismiss. 0_o
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