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  1. I finished it the other day. When it's at its best it's better than the last one but it's a bit inconsistent to say the least. It's quite messy to start but once it settles in it's good. The biggest issue once it gets going is the Marauder enemy type which is possibly the shittest enemy in video game history and ruins every fight it shows up to. Still, I had fun but it was a bit like pulling teeth at times on UV difficulty.
  2. brb starting a gofundme so I can get a vive
  3. This has grown on me a lot btw. First few levels sucked though. And the much-vaunted "aggresive" playstyle doesn't really exist on harder difficulties, unless you count continually running away in circles around an arena taking shots where possible while chainsawing fodder for ammo as "aggression". You can't really take enemies head on like in the last game.
  4. Yeah we had some good rounds. I'm quite liking Warzone actually, seems pretty easy to get a few kills rather than getting into those ruts in other BRs where it gets frustrating.
  5. Well twas fun but the game is now not letting me join
  6. Ginj are you not able to use in game chat?
  7. Do you guys hear my voice chat? Are you in a live party or something?
  8. Sent you a request Ginj
  9. Schweet, I'll be on in 15.
  10. To illustrate the weirdness of the game just a bit more, I just got to a cutscene introducing a boss literally the whole level had been building up to, the fight KICKS OFF and Boom, tutorial screen. That literally lists all the boss's weak points, attacks, etc etc, that you have to click through to dismiss. 0_o
  11. Hah, well it's getting better the more I get into it is the thing. And you know, you might feel differently when you play it, it's probably less restrictive if you don't play on UV too. But I've seen people online saying similar stuff so I know it's not just me finding it a bit off.
  12. I'll jump on Warzone with you guys from my PC if that's possible in a bit?
  13. Eh, I have all sorts of issues with it so far. The main thing is that the developers have been quite open about how they didn't like that in the last game you could basically win every fight any way you wanted, lots of people just super shotgunned everything. They want you to use more of the arsenal, which is fair enough. I have issues with the way they've gone about it though, they've made it feel really limiting. It's gone from "fuck it, do whatever you like to kill everything", to "you must kill everything in the specific way we tell you to, or you die". You have all these new abilties, but it's really clear about what they're for and they don't really have any uses otherwise, it's complexity which doesn't really add any depth. You also get sod all ammo capacity, which makes you use the different guns more but also means you constantly have this low ammo warning. All the extra systems are really jarring too because they kind of dump them on you one after the other in the first few levels along with these tutorials that it teleports you into then back out of or messages you have to click to dismiss after reading. It's nowhere near as elegant as the last game. The reviews saying it's more of the same strike me as odd, because it really feels like it plays very differently a lot of time. It's also about twice as hard as the last one was on UV difficulty. Beyond that, there's some platforming segments that are incredibly jarring. Everyone's spent this generation trying to make handholds etc look more seamless in their environment, meanwhile you turn a corner in this game and it suddenly looks like a Mario 64 level with random floating platforms and spinning fire bars and big surfaces that might as well say I AM A CLIMBABLE SURFACE. They're also a bit glitchy with doomguy sometimes just punching the wall instead of grabbing it because some genius decided those should be on the same button. Speaking of bugs I've also noticed some enemies not dropping health from glory kills, which is infuriating sometimes. Also noticed the glory kill button just not working sometimes altogether. There's weirdness like the chainsaw now being on a button instead of "draw it, then fire it", which is fine but if you accidentally use it on something you don't have enough juice for you get this 3 second long animation that stops you from doing anything while it plays. One of the most egregious things for me are that there's these secret encounters you can find and activate in the levels, which have strict time limits for you to kill everything. If you fail them you can try again, but it doesn't give you the health/ammo/respawns back you spent on your previous try. What's worse is many are clearly designed to have you use explosive barrels to get through it in time, but those don't respawn either, which is baffling. Also many of these fights just seem like they're about putting you in a room with 4 manucbus and nowhere to dodge. The game also now has a nonsensical story, complete with characters I don't know anything about, and cutscenes about fuck knows what that seem to think there's some grand story I'm aware of that I'm definitely not aware of. In the last game there were all these upgrade systems I wasn't a fan of that I found quite distracting. Those are all back too, though mildly less obnoxious on the challenges side this time at least. There's also a general feeling that the whole package doesn't gel together for me. 2016 was a nice mix of the 90's goofiness but in a modern setting, while this one is going all in on the goofiness and it's creating a visual aesthetic that's just weird. There's like, no atmosphere in the game at all and it feels really cartoony, plus you've got all these floating, spinning pickups where everything was part of the world before, along with giant golden floating question marks. It all feels really gamey, like the arcade mode in the last one is now the default setting. This is all very negative, but I should clarify I think the game is fine, it's just not at all what I expected and I can't help but feel disappointed by that. It's doubling down on various areas unnecessarily and not playing to the previous game's strengths enough. It has plenty of moments of brilliance but they're there underneath all this stuff, instead of just being right at the forefront of the experience. It's improving as I get further in and get more weapons/upgrades it feels less restrictive but 2016 was great from the word go. It had that awesome start sequence where this one is all like "HEY DID YOU KNOW THIS ENEMY HAS THIS WEAKNESS" "HEY HOLD ON PRESS THIS BUTTON TO DO THIS" "OH BY THE WAY..." just let me shoot things ffs. Also whoever decided that this fast paced action game needs sections with sticky floors where you can't dodge or jump and hidden tentacle things that appear 1 inch in front of your face that you can't get out of the way of needs a good fucking talking to.
  14. Played the first 3 levels. So far it's a lot like Doom 2016, except with a bunch of things that make it worse for no apparent reason.
  15. Yeah it's an interesting universe and the first is an important game for kind of standardising how FPS games should be "done" on consoles. And of course the MP was the draw for a big portion of people from 2 onward.
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