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  1. It's one of the things I didn't love about it as well, basically imps etc are all demoted to basically just being walking ammo bags rather than an actual threat. Since the chainsaw regenerates 1 ammo, you should find your nearest trash mob and chainsaw it to get ammo back. The game is such hard work, one of the biggest problems it has for me is that the combination of abilities, movement, guns etc you have is so strong that there's only so much they can do encounters/enemy behaviour wise to keep it interesting. Like normally you have enemies that zone you, flank you, etc, but in this non
  2. Interestingly, they aren't actually that big a deal as a duo - they don't chuck in any extra enemies to fight along side them, so it's just two and nothing else and they don't really work together. Makes them easy to separate and then stun spam. I really liked the first DLC pack - they got far more imaginative with the combat spaces. The second less so, had some good moments but the second level of the second pack is awful.
  3. Play the DLC then you get to fight buffed ones and two at once.
  4. Gears 5 - Glad it was Gamepass out of 10. I actually enjoyed Gears 4 a fair bit, acts 3 and 4 had some fantastic set pieces. 5 has a nicely done story and characters, but the "open world" sections are an enormous misfire to say the least. Just bland, empty spaces with nothing in. Sometimes you come across something and get to fight a wave of enemies, then back to traipsing across nothingness until you cross a load boundary and do an actual mision. Acts 1 and 4 were pretty nice as there was none of that nonsense, but 2 and 3 were just snooze fests. Completely kills the momentum of the campai
  5. Remnant from the Ashes (PC): Not bad. Mechanically good but the level scaling is a bit too obvious which means you dont get to feel more powerful at any point (instead of areas having a set level, they have a minimum level and then when you enter them, they level up to match your highest levelled weapon). Additionally the levels are procedurally generated which robs them of a lot of potential to surprise and tend to feel quite samey, and they're always flat, you never travel up or down anywhere interesting. Also the bosses are pretty easy. It's fine though, at 7/10.
  6. Resurrecting this with The Wonderful 101, I think I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a game less than this. It's like, constantly irritating.
  7. I think the external USB will be the way to go if you can't stomach the cost of the SSD. Easier to stomach having 2TB of games on your external and then just swap stuff on the fly. What are the transfer times like on that?
  8. I have a Series S, if that counts. It's impressive they got so much into such a small box, and it looks by far the nicest of the new consoles IMO. It's very responsive... shame there's not many games yet, but I bought it was a bedroom gaming box for using with gamepass, so it'll pay for itself. Downside, the storage space is far too small really. I'll probably buy an expansion card for it which makes it cost as much as the X would have. But I still wouldn't want one of those in the bedroom anyway.
  9. Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One Mixed bag like the main game. Plus points are that it is much more inventive with the arenas, lots of fun fights in interesting arenas that force you to fight stuff in different ways. The main game didn't do enough of that and it's this kind of thing that they should be doing if they want to make you step out of your comfort zone with fights, rather than be restrictive in terms of only a few weapons being effective. 3 quite long missions with a lot of good fights. Downsides; Marauders are still really boring. And one of the new enemy types is on
  10. If you want some super easy cooking, iirc there's a rainforest south of hyrule field with lots of hearty durian growing - just chuck a bunch of those in a pot for a max heal with like +10 extra hearts added.
  11. I'm listing Destiny 2 (PC) in here because I've done: All 5 story campaigns All raids including one flawless raid All dungeons All exotic quests that are getting vaulted Rinsed the fuck out of it.
  12. I hear the people who worked on the DE of Mafia 1 are all really good looking and talented
  13. Judging by this impressions video today, it seems like it's actually only hitting 51 degrees, which is... not very much, actually. My GPU gets far hotter than that and apparently that's cooler than a PS4 Pro/One X. I think the guy who got "almost burned" apparently pulled the expandable storage SSD out and then touched the metal connector, which is A Bad Idea, because SSDs will get very hot, but the console itself seems fine. I expect PS5 to be much the same.
  14. The amount of power they're packing in both these boxes is gonna make heat inevitable. You basically have "small" form factor PCs at this point with enthusiast level components inside, without the space for cooling that a full size PC would have. Plus modern components just get hotter and hotter as we cram more transistors onto a single chip. Not to mention NVMe drives get hot too (they usually need their own heatsink) so there's also more components generating heat. Heat tolerances are pretty high for most components though, like >90 celcius iirc. As long as you don't block off the ve
  15. I have a feeling that MS will try and pull some gamepass stuff with Zenimax and Obsidian. That is, they'll say to Sony - we're happy to launch and sell these games on your systems after an initial exclusive period, but only if you let us have gamepass on there too. I feel like 2020 Microsoft will want a slice of both pies, to be honest. Agree that consolidating under single owners isn't great for consumers though, I'm also unhappy with the practice of giving a developer money to make a game not launch on a competitor's console a la FF16.
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