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  1. TFA did familiar and palatte cleansing quite well, TLJ did trying something different but executed it badly and failed to setup a final film at all, and TRoS was both badly executed with terrible action sequences and generally just boring and stupid. RO was ok but didn't really care about the story. Solo was pretty good though.
  2. Oh yeah. Oh well new one soon anyway.
  3. Dragon Quest XI S - Echoes of An Elusive Age - Definitive Edition - Hyper Fighting Turbo Ex Plus Alpha Nintedo Switch Version Finished the main story after 70 hours and it was a real treat. Just a great traditional JRPG. Story isn't so gripping but the characters are likeable and the gameplay is just lovely. Not very difficult for the first half but that lets you experiment with different builds (of which there are tons of options) before things get more difficult later on. Now getting stuck into the post game, which is substantial.
  4. Been in for a few months and yeah, it's great. I'm tagging stuff I need to play to create a list that I'm working through across various platfroms. It's nice to look at, unlike Steam which had the Library update a few weeks ago and is now utterly awful to look at.
  5. I'd swap those scores around for my experiences, S/S is probably the weakest Pokemon I've played. The narrower pokedex made no difference to me, it's got roughly the same number of catchable pokemon as any other recent release in the series. The towns look pretty but each one you basically walk in, visit the pokemon center, do the gym, off you go. It's so under developed. I played Jedi on my PC though and it was smooth as hell almost all the way through.
  6. Jedi Fallen Order - PC Really liked it. It's rough around the edges in a few ways which I think you'd expect from a team doing it's first attempt at UC style platforming, Soulsy combat and so on. But for the most part, it's really nailed it IMO. Fighting is fast and satisfying and the vibe of the whole thing is really Star Wars. It doesn't just look the part by chucking in sights and sounds you recognise, it's just got the tone bang on. Feels like a proper little adventure. I would say that the narrative is a little back loaded though. After a strong opening for a lot of the game the story takes a back seat before the last 2 hours or so really get into it. It comes to a terrific climactic few hours though.
  7. welp, I'm getting a vr setup
  8. I think I like the idea of the wild area more than the actual implementation of it, to be honest. I think my main thought so far while playing this has been "I should probably just get back to playing DQ11"
  9. It's... fine. Game Freak just continue to take 5 steps back for every step forward with this series. The wild area is nice but literally everything else is inferior to the 3DS games which were themselves disappointing for various reasons. The game is laughably easy, the routes are all about 2 minutes long and are just a straight fucking line, there's no interesting dungeons or level design to be seen anywhere and as far as I can tell, there isn't even a story this time around. The game itself also refuses to shut the fuck up just like Sun and Moon. Seriously Hop, fuck off. The game is still fun because catching and battling pokemon is fun but all in all it's a very lackluster package and I doubt Game Freak really care because they'll continue to make billions. Game Freak have a pretty small dev team as far as I know. You'd think being the biggest entertainment franchise on earth they'd chuck some more budget at their flagship games.
  10. Luigi's Mansion 3 Mostly great, lovely animation and lots of fun little puzzles. Some of the bosses were a bit unintuitive though, and the final boss sucks.
  11. Nah, it's an all new game that was never ported to other systems. Has slightly modified gameplay, and totally different environments and monster sprites, and tries for a more horror atmosphere. More importantly it has good level design, so it's kind of like a Doom 2 that actually play well today There's a pretty decent remake you can play on the PC if you want to see it:
  12. Haven't had issues playing solo on my PC yet. I'm enjoying it though the open world bit feels a little pointless to me so far. It's just 2 minutes of holding W in an empty field until you get to do a gunfight. Gears is as good as ever though, now everyone else has stopped aping the cover shooting thing it's actually kind of unique again. Glad they haven't done a Halo with it in that respect and tried to make it into something it's not.
  13. I grabbed Doom 3 and I'll probably get Doom 64 when that launches. Skipped on the original 2 though as they seem to be pretty poor ports all things considered, and I always thought Doom 2 worked better as a platform for the incredible selection of mods and custom content it has than as a standalone game. Some of the level design in it is dreadful.
  14. I definitely recommend it if you have a soft spot for Alan Wake as there's a lot of references to it if you explore thoroughly.
  15. Beat Control on the weekend. It's really good. The setting is fantastic, it's a visually incredible game on PC, one of the most convincing environments I've ever seen. Cool story and excellent world building. Combat is really good fun too. Downside is that the checkpoint system's fucking garbage, but the Ashtray Maze is a 10/10 gaming moment that I'll remember forever so it's all even.
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