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  1. How's everyone's motion sickness with it? I now get motion sickness with really swingy cameras (thanks, brain) so I'm a bit tentative around trying VR.
    1. Tachikoma


      Bah if they were serious about a Tachikoma phone, it should have been blue with white accents!

  2. Yay Idaho o/

    1. Idaho


      Yay MEEEEE!

  3. Another appalling linesman decision in the Arg-Mex game. Sepp Blatter is an idiot.

  4. This isn't so much England rolling over, this is dropping their trousers and bending over.

  5. Hopefully Rooney will turn up today...

    1. Pedro


      ...and *not* stamp on any crotches.

  6. You are a good man. Thanks Ginj.

  7. Bondy


    Wot iz dun by Bondvillain2k
  8. Bondy

    Hamster love 1

    You look like you're gonna eat the poor little bugger, Dave
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