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  1. 300 years late to the party, but Partner and I played through The Last of Us (remastered) plus DLC, and absolutely loved it. Super hyped for TLOU2!
  2. Bondy

    Mine works too!

    Congratulations! Hooray for functioning parts!
  3. Well when you say it like that, it sounds like we talk a lot of shit. *koff*
  4. This looks way too slick!
  5. Same here. There's something fascinating about spending thousands of hours in a game just to finish it as quickly as possible.
  6. Any of you guys into speedrunning? A guy called Summoning Salt has a YouTube channel with a bunch of videos all about the world record progression for various games: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtUbO6rBht0daVIOGML3c8w/videos He goes into a bit of detail about the people and the techniques behind each new record, it's neat. The Chocobo Mountain and Mario Kart 64 videos are some of the best.
  7. Bondy

    E3 2018

    I want a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 announcement trailer. Possibly a little early, though.
  8. Yes, all androids ride in the back of the bus. They're also not allowed to use escalators? The game has all these references to actual terrible things that happened to minorities throughout history, but next to no acknowledgement of the real life origins, if that makes sense? Androidphobia seems to exist in a vacuum, and it comes off like QD are using awful bits of history and human nature as plot devices rather than properly exploring the nature of prejudice, which is what the topic kind of begs for. They could have gone for a more straightforward detective story, but they chose something way more loaded and haven't handled it well at all. I think there's more action in Detroit than Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit, but there are a couple of bits that are really slow towards the end. They're the bits that are trying to pack an emotional punch, and they clearly needed time for their inspirational orchestral music to build ;D Edit: I think I'm explaining this badly, let me try again. They use things like riding on the back of the bus, wearing blue triangles, being dehumanised, even rounding up androids and putting them in camps, but don't use the words racism, Jews, Holocaust...they don't invoke the actual things that were the basis of these terrible things happening. One black character obliquely says 'my people were treated badly' at one point, but that was the only time it came up. Thusly making it feel like everything is used as a plot device rather than a comment on and exploration of prejudice throughout history.
  9. Aye. They use 'we have a dream' as a device a number of times in a completely non-ironic, extremely serious way but only have one throwaway reference to the actual civil rights movement that could be completely missed depending on the route you take through the game. To be fair to Quantic Dream, there is a lot of BME representation across the cast (big and small roles). They did that extremely well, which makes the lack of reference to racism even more bizarre.
  10. LA Noire (Switch) Detroit: Become Human: by far the best Quantic Dream game, makes good on a lot of the plot devices they've tried in the past (choices have a longer term impact, detective chasing criminals device is more complicated and compelling, tracking down clues is fun and engaging). Still has plenty of story nonsense, some beats fall flat because the tone is off, and their representation of minority rights is problematic, but definitely worth a play. It has a ton of ambition and looks beeyootiful.
  11. I just played the demo from the Playstation store: it's the same scenario I played at EGX (hostage situation), but in this version you can replay repeatedly (EGX was a one and done type thingy). It includes a flow chart of all the possible outcomes and choices so you can go through again and see what differences you can make, which was fun and helpful. There were a lot of potential outcomes, so it'll be interesting to see if all the chapters have a similar number, or if this was just for demo purposes. Very excited about the full release now!
  12. LA Noire (Switch): Fun to revisit. Story holds up, even if the framerate doesn't (very chuggy in places and it twice crashed completely). It definitely works better with good cop/bad cop/accuse options rather than truth/doubt/lie, and just oozes 40s atmosphere. The voice acting is...lumpy...but the face animation is still outstanding.
  13. I enjoyed Beyond a lot, I think they did a really good job with Jodie's character. That scene where . Sounds like I need to check out Stranger Things!
  14. I will end up playing this sooner rather than later. I had a go at the demo they had at EGX, which was great, and I have the new demo queued up on my PS4. I know these games inevitably have some serious issues (I still have tonal whiplash from Fahrenheit and the Banging The Dead Dude section), but I love their ambition and no-one else quite pulls off cinematic cheesy drama like Quantic Dream. Until Dawn was close, but it was way too self-aware and okay with messing around with genre conventions...Quantic Dream have an earnestness to them that no-one else does. I look forward to a completely random and out of place 'the aliens did it!' scene at the end. Or something along those lines.
  15. How's everyone's motion sickness with it? I now get motion sickness with really swingy cameras (thanks, brain) so I'm a bit tentative around trying VR.
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