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Everything posted by Papa

  1. Papa

    PSVR - Is it worth it?

    With PSVR coming down to £250, I am very tempted, but is it actually worth it? I know my kids would enjoy it for a bit, but worry that it would be used for a week, and then never be touched again.
  2. Papa

    Dead Cells

    Have they improved the framerate on the switch version yet?
  3. Papa

    Rogue Legacy

    I have always meant to go back to this, but I suspect that when I buy it, Dead Cells will pretty much do what Rogue Legacy does, but better. Still, it's an awesome game.
  4. Papa

    Mine works too!

    Grats bud. Kids are awesome.
  5. Papa

    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

    I've 'yarred' this on the PC to give it a go and it does seem pretty good. I think I want it on the Switch though, so am happy to wait until I see it at a good price on that.
  6. Papa

    Meat at Jimmys.

    Sadly I am hiking a marathon on the Saturday, so I will not be able to attend. :-(
  7. Papa

    H1Z1 PS4

    Meh, you guys need to play in your pants like I do.
  8. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Not sure if anyone would be interested, but I would be up for hosting a meet at mine. I am thinking possible around June. I live just outside of Southampton, within picking up distance of Southampton airport, or any of the nearby train stations. Let me know if anyone is up for it, and we can nail down a weekend.
  9. Papa

    H1Z1 PS4

    Anyone up for a bit of this tonight?
  10. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Yep. Let’s not leave it so long for the next one.
  11. Papa

    PSVR - Is it worth it?

    Yeah, the resolution is low, but the PS4 couldn’t run anything higher. I hope that VR tech keeps improving and we see something better in the next gen. For now, it is an awesome bit of kit, albeit with a few caveats.
  12. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Annoyingly it always hits on my daughters birthday weekend.
  13. Papa

    Hollow Knight

    Yeah, I am seriously into this game. I got stuck for a bit on one boss, but once I got past him I have started to make loads of progress. The combat is just so tight, that even when a boss is difficult, you always feel like you are close to beating them.
  14. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Next time tell the bride and groom to reschedule. ;-)
  15. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    There is now. Can you PM your mobile numbers?
  16. Papa

    Hollow Knight

    Yoku does look cool. I have just checked online, and I managed to miss a massive area and the next boss, so I am itching to get back home so I can play some more.
  17. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Gemma and the girls will be heading off to the sister-in-laws at 4pm-ish, but I have the entire day off, so am good whenever really.
  18. Papa

    Hollow Knight

    I am 4 - 5 hours in, but am completely lost as to where to go next. I am really liking it though.
  19. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Right, PM's sent out to the drivers. Let me know if I missed you. With regards to parking, I can squeeze four cars onto my drive at a push, and my neighbour is away for the weekend (so we don’t need to worry about noise), and they have said we can use their drive too, so that is another two parking spaces. One thing to note is the council are doing work on the pavements, and have setup shop opposite my house, so pulling onto my drive may require some skill.
  20. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    One week!!!! That is all.
  21. Papa

    E3 2018

    It looks like all the leaks are starting now, so before it is all ruined, does anyone have any decent predictions for this years E3? Mine is a surprise PS5 reveal, despite them saying 'no new hardware'. Also, either a redesigned Switch, or at the very least new colours.
  22. Papa

    Online Bargains

    I quite like the Nukacola one.
  23. Papa

    E3 2018

    I love the Deus Ex games, so i'm ok with it.
  24. Papa

    Tales of Vesperia

    I am looking forward to this being on the switch. I just hope it runs OK.
  25. Papa

    Star Trek Bridge Crew

    Yep, seriously good fun. Wayne was power-sliding the enterprise around like a boss, and I was directing the other stations.. well like a boss.