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Everything posted by Papa

  1. Papa

    Post when you watch a film

    I finally got around to seeing Spider Man 2 the other day, and I have to say that I was very impressed.
  2. Papa

    PUBG Mobile

    I bet you hate when the kids mess around on your lawn too. Fucking kids. No respect.
  3. Papa

    PUBG Mobile

    Golden Sun is still a better game though!!
  4. Papa

    PUBG Mobile

    I played a bit on my iPad Pro last night. Got two kills with a shotgun, which never happens in the main game. It's cool, but there is a real risk that my iPad might go pinging across the living room.
  5. Papa

    PUBG Mobile

    Sooooo, is it any good?
  6. Papa


    Well, I took the new job as they offered an extra £2k over their original offer. Here's hoping this was the right decision...
  7. Papa

    Worms WMD

    So... PS4?
  8. Papa

    Burnout: Paradise (PS4)

    Pretty decent review on Eurogamer, but £30 is a bit much.
  9. Papa

    Final Fantasy XV

    I'm back playing this again. It has a lovely 'road trip' feel to it, and while the plot is largely nonsense, I do just love the feel of the game.
  10. Papa

    Burnout: Paradise (PS4)

    Yeah, well your face is boring.
  11. Papa

    Burnout: Paradise (PS4)

    I agree for point to point racing, but I really liked Paradise for the fucking about with mates. I reminds me of all the fun we used to have with Test Drive: Unlimited. The camera implementation was superb too.
  12. Papa

    Burnout: Paradise (PS4)

    I've got it for the PC too, but Burnout has always felt like a console game to me.
  13. Papa


    Yep. You're still able to hold your own with all of the young whippersnappers.
  14. Papa

    Warhammer Vermintide 2

    I’m interested, particularly given it is on CD Keys for £15.99. https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/warhammer-vermintide-2
  15. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Sure, plenty of room!
  16. ^^^ Mark Brown - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqJ-Xo29CKyLTjn6z2XwYAw This is an awesome channel that takes a deep dive into the design of games. I love his stuff on the Zelda design in particular. Noclip - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0fDG3byEcMtbOqPMymDNbw Really good quality documentary style video on different video games. The ones on the Witcher and Horizon are very good. Game Sack - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT6LaAC9VckZYJUzutUW3PQ A retro themed channel that do a lot of console specific top 10's.
  17. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-03-09-sea-of-thieves-final-beta-is-here-open-to-everyone-on-xbox-one-and-pc Anyone fancy giving this a try today? I have downloaded it on PC, but I think it does xbox crossplay.
  18. Papa

    PlayStation 4 online arrangements

    Game tonight anyone?
  19. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    I have booked the Monday off too, so could manage this..
  20. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Well, I have booked the Friday off, so this date is pretty much locked in. Confirmed: Somerset_Bumkin Wayne & Jimmy Dan (Village) Kurt Dave (Cunt) Chris Maybe: Duff El_Patriot Jusat Bob
  21. I've tried several of the Monster Hunter games, but this is the first one that has clicked. While still very obtuse, the basic loop of the game (Hunt - craft - hunt) makes enough sense that I have been able to remain interested while slowly learning the rest of the systems. The combat is fun and chunky, but not quite to the Dark Souls level, meaning that often connecting attacks do not affect the monster you are targeting. This lack of visual feedback seems weird in singleplayer, but makes more sense when playing with other people, as you could not all expect your contributions to stagger a beastie. I have played a few hunts online with Gareth and Kurt and it really is better with company. I feel like the later hunts will require more teamwork, and am looking forward to them. The game is already very addictive through and it is too easy to persuade yourself to do just one more hunt before bed. Only time will tell whether I remain as enamoured with the game, but the first 20 hours have been a joy.
  22. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Nurts. Sorry bud.
  23. Papa

    Monster Hunter: World

    I'm up for getting back into the game if you want to have a go at it together?
  24. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Can you not make it for one of the nights?