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Everything posted by Papa

  1. Papa

    Online Bargains

    It was on PSN for that over the weekend. I didnt pick it up, but I was tempted.
  2. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Sounds good.
  3. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    I can throw in too.
  4. I really liked Burnout Revenge, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it hasn't aged well and I know I wouldn't play it..
  5. I wonder if this is as good as I remember. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-05-08-burnout-revenge-is-now-backward-compatible-on-xbox-one
  6. Also, great deal at Tesco atm. PSVR, Skyrim VR and RE7 for £269. https://www.tesco.com/direct/special-offer/buy-a-psvr-bundle-and-skyrim-and-resident-evil-7-for-269-pound/promo52830081.promo
  7. I played an hour or so of Skyrim VR last night. No sickness, and I felt like a more manly Legolas firing the bow using the move controllers. At one point I went to stick an arrow in a bandits eye, but sadly this did not elicit the desired response. :-(
  8. I picked up the remaster last night and fucked over the first colossus. My god this remaster is pretty. I remember playing the PS2 original and thinking it looked like arse, but this remaster really does the scale justice. It still plays a bit weird, but hopefully I will get used to it as I intend to actually finish it this time.
  9. Papa

    Meat at mine?

    Yo all. Just a quick update to say we are still on for the weekend of the 23rd. My new work finally got around to confirming all of my prior holiday requests, so that is cool. Is the list below still current, or do we have drop offs / new confirmations? Confirmed: Somerset_Bumkin Wayne & Jimmy Dan (Village) Kurt Dave (Made twins with his penis) Chris Maybe: Duff El_Patriot Jusat Bob
  10. Good shout. The bitcoin mining price hike is tailing off, but at this point it's worth waiting on the upcoming 11** series before throwing down proper silly money on a card.
  11. Papa

    So what did I miss?

    Yeah, no issue with Riva. He did a bit of a silly 'I'm leaving the internet!1!', but to be fair, it was over 10 years ago and we were all younger and probably sillier.
  12. Yeah, absolutely bud, though it is a very solitary experience. I am enjoying PSVR, and am finding the sickness less of an issue than I thought it would be. I am not playing for super long periods though, so that probably helps. As a quick review of the tech, I can say that it absolutely exceeds my expectation for a 'budget' vr experience. I am finding myself missing not being able to look around when playing non-vr games, though I couldn't imagine playing everything in vr. Oh, and Resident Evil 7 in VR can fuck right off. Just right fucking off. Even though I know when the scares are coming, I still brick it while playing in vr.
  13. Yeah, so I bought it today. Should be with me by the weekend. Are the move controllers required?
  14. This. Plus, I have way too much to play atm. I'll get it when it's cheaper.
  15. That's good. I always find it hard to get the smoke right.
  16. Sure. Dave can be cannon fodder.
  17. Let me know if you fancy squading up at some point. I like the game, but it's better with people that you know.
  18. What's up chick? #facebook
  19. That is what is tempting me. Plus, No Man Sky is looking like it is going to get a PSVR update soon too.
  20. Sooooo, co-op at some point??
  21. With PSVR coming down to £250, I am very tempted, but is it actually worth it? I know my kids would enjoy it for a bit, but worry that it would be used for a week, and then never be touched again.
  22. I failed and bought this. Does anyone fancy some co-op on PS4 this evening?
  23. I am running a 1070, so will probably wait for the inevitable 1170ti.
  24. Bit of a bump, but after much deliberation, I have decided to ignore all of the over priced monitors, and have instead bought a 40' 4k TV. Should be delivered tomorrow. https://www.ebuyer.com/787184-samsung-mu6400-40-smart-ultra-hd-4k-tv-ue40mu6400uxxu
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