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Everything posted by Papa

  1. I was very much on the fence, but I was interested enough that I wanted to be part of the launch for this game as it is a moba, and plays better with similarly skilled players. I am really liking it. The shooting feels tight, and the there is a surprising amount of depth to the combat when you have a couple of friends to coordinate with. It is also a good game to throw on while listening to a podcast, as the side missions can easily be solo'd, and give you xp and mats while not moving you too far forward compared to the people you want to play with.
  2. I am looking forward to this, and will pick it up when I can see it for £20. Despite the trendy anti-assassins creed sentiment, I still love the games.
  3. I'll be about tomorrow night if anyone fancies a game of something?
  4. Awesome. Anyone else up for some battlefielding?
  5. Its a fair point, but the reason I suggest BF4, is its something we all likely have. If you can think of a different game, then by all means post it here. Planetside 2 could be a decent shout, what with it being free to play.
  6. Kind of feels like poking a corpse, but is anyone up for game night at some point? I'd love to get a couple of games of BF4 going, if anyone is interested?
  7. I started this the other night on PS4, and while I am enjoying it, the letter box view is shite. There is an option to go full screen, but if you do this, the framerate takes a nosedive.
  8. I've gone off the boil a bit to be honest. I will probably get back into it, but I think I played way to much on my week off, and have burned out a wee bit.
  9. I am pretty close to the end, and for the most part I have been enjoying it. At a certain point, the game goes from being a pure stealth game to one where you have offensive options. While I enjoy the being able to take down fools, I am actually glad be getting back to feeling like prey. My one big complaint is that I have never really been clear on where I am going and why. The story is essentially a load of fetch quests. I love the station though and appreaciate the metrovania-lite progression. At the moment, I'd agree that this is a solid 8, though would up it to a 9 if you are a big fan of the first and possibly third movie.
  10. After playing the beta, I am very 'meh' on this game. I just doesn't seem very interesting.
  11. I all honesty, there is not currently an online group so to speak, but I would love to a regular game going. Post what games you have, and we'll sort out an evening for a game or two.
  12. No worries bud. Send me a friend thingie, and I'll pester you for a game when I next see you on.
  13. Mine works fine, though I have had it for less than a month.
  14. Gem's off to a wedding tonight, so I could be up for some BF4 if you're about?
  15. The new Jack White album is very good. Also, dubstep.
  16. Somewhere, Xeph perked his head up, and smiled. Also, I have BF4, COD Ghosts, Killzone, Trials and Mercenary Kings. I also have all of the FTP stuff downloaded (DC Online, Warthunder). Play with me.
  17. Shit. There's a blast from the past. See, all it takes is new hardware, and the crowd start getting interested in games again. ;-)
  18. Bit of a buuummmp. I am listening to the new Vampire Weekend album quite a lot atm. It is very good.
  19. I cant help but think you have ruined this lovely nostalgic thread with your smut.
  20. And you really ARE the king of punctuation!
  21. For me, I was walking into the pub at the very first Blackpool, plastic guitar over my shoulder.
  22. Papa


    I run a few mods, but my 1gb graphics card simply cant handle too many.
  23. I have no idea what that means, but I am going to ere on the side of caution, and be offended.
  24. Not a book, but Radio 4 are doing a radio play based on Neil Gaimens book Neverwhere. He is one of my favourite authors, and the cast looks fantastic. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01r522y
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