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  1. The Oculus Quest with a link cable is seeming like a new years purchase for me.
  2. From what I've heard, it is around 8 hours for the 2 play throughs. I quite like a shorter game though, so I'm in.
  3. Yup. It's one of the few metroidvania games that really grabbed me, other than the original symphony of the night. A combination of great visuals, stunning music and sublime gameplay. One day, I may even finish it. ;-)
  4. All good points, but I still bloody love the game. I finished it back in the day on the PS2, and have save on the PS4 that's maybe 20 hours in. It's a chill game that I love going back to occasionally. I also loved Twilight Princess though, so read into that what you will.
  5. Have they improved the framerate on the switch version yet?
  6. I quite like the Nukacola one.
  7. Burnout Paradise 'Remastered' only £11.99 on PSN atm. At that price, I'm buying it.
  8. It was on PSN for that over the weekend. I didnt pick it up, but I was tempted.
  9. That looks nice, but I think it would probably piss me off.
  10. Papa

    TV Shows

  11. Papa

    TV Shows

    OMG Friends is on Netflix UK. Like all of it. :-)
  12. I agree. I played it back on the 360, and it is one of my favorite JRPG's. OF ALL TIME!!!
  13. It looks like HMV will be selling Titanfall 2 for £19.99 over the Black Friday weekend. Just need to decide if I am willing to brave the brick and mortar retards, as they don't seem to sell any games online. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-11-21-titanfall-2-price-slashed-to-just-20-at-hmv
  14. Aye, fair enough. I'll just be over here with my GTX 1070...
  15. It seems like it'd be a waste if you don't have a 4k screen.
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