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  1. The Oculus Quest with a link cable is seeming like a new years purchase for me.
  2. There is a standalone expansion coming in September that I thinking of jumping back into. It is a game that does benefit from a decent group, but sadly its not going to be crossplay.
  3. I picked up Everybody's Gold VR yesterday, and spent far too long trying to look up my caddies skirt. The golf was good too.
  4. Papa

    Online Bargains

    From what I've heard, it is around 8 hours for the 2 play throughs. I quite like a shorter game though, so I'm in.
  5. Papa


    It's true. A lot of the older techy guys like to be known as the one person who knows about 'x' or 'y', and it leads to them being a single point of failure. Writing good documentation is bloody difficult though. I recently automated a lot of the oracle patching using ansible, and writing the supporting stuff about how to stage a new patch and maintain the code was almost as hard as implementing it in the first place. In a perfect world, you would have a person attached to every new project who's sole job is to document and handover to the support teams.
  6. Papa


    Just thought I'd post an update. I'm approaching a year at the new place (Ordinance Survey), and it looks like it was a good move. My old work (Kingfisher plc, i.e. B&Q, Screwfix) has gone down the shitter a bit, and on top of their share price price plummeting, they have cancelled a lot of the things that were good about working there. The OS has provided me with a lot of training and opportunity to do my own thing, plus in April I will go onto the on call rota, and essentially pocket an extra couple of grand a year for doing very little. It is very chill though, and I think that will eventually bore me, but I am happy at the moment.
  7. Yup. It's one of the few metroidvania games that really grabbed me, other than the original symphony of the night. A combination of great visuals, stunning music and sublime gameplay. One day, I may even finish it. ;-)
  8. Has anyone played Beat Saber on PSVR? It looks amazing.
  9. All good points, but I still bloody love the game. I finished it back in the day on the PS2, and have save on the PS4 that's maybe 20 hours in. It's a chill game that I love going back to occasionally. I also loved Twilight Princess though, so read into that what you will.
  10. Shit that you're not going to be there, but grats on the wedding. I assume my invite is in the post? ;-)
  11. In. The novotel looks to be around the cheapest, unless you've seen something cheaper @Ginja ? https://www.accorhotels.com/gb/hotel-3656-novotel-london-excel/index.shtml
  12. Have they improved the framerate on the switch version yet?
  13. Yeah, the resolution is low, but the PS4 couldn’t run anything higher. I hope that VR tech keeps improving and we see something better in the next gen. For now, it is an awesome bit of kit, albeit with a few caveats.
  14. Papa

    Online Bargains

    I quite like the Nukacola one.
  15. Papa

    Online Bargains

    Burnout Paradise 'Remastered' only £11.99 on PSN atm. At that price, I'm buying it.
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