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  1. Psyvariar Delta (PS4) Shikhondo: Soul Eater (PS4) Hollow Knight (PS4) Ghost Blade HD (PS4) Spyro the Dragon(PS4)
  2. Psyvariar Delta (PS4) Shikhondo: Soul Eater (PS4) Pretty decent Korean bullet hell shmup. Lovely artwork, especially the sprites, Japanese demon style. Hollow Knight (PS4) One of the best Metroidvania games of recent years, and a beautiful cross with the Souls games. Fantastic, highly recommended (Jim will agree)
  3. Well I’ll start I guess. Psyvariar Delta (PS4) Import arrived a couple of days ago, and it’s a shmup so it took 20 minutes to complete but it’s a stonker of a game so I’ve already completed it about 6 more times and many more to come
  4. Smurph

    Destiny PS4

    Im officially able to get the full thing now, gonna update so I can play past the free weekend so Im sure Ill be playing this a lot now, and with my new policy of not hiding online, Ill be up for stuff. When Im not an underpowered noob.
  5. Only for a couple of games. You need it for Superhot though. So yes, essential ????
  6. lol no, No Mans Sky will stay shit! Wipeout makes it a must have imho. It felt a bit like it was just going to be a mini game haven but now its legit gaming, full proper AAA titles arriving on it, updates for free of older stuff... I mean Rez, Drive Club, Stardust, tons of amazing games now. Im very glad I have it.
  7. Force Awakens? I mean I knew Last Jedi split opinions (those who loved it and those who are wrong) but I thought most people accepted it as at least okay.
  8. The prequels are fucking awful, so youre lucky if you like them I guess. Sith is the worst for me! Bumbling Jedis that are meant to be in me with their surroundings getting stupidly killed in a montage... Christ. Snarly emperor chewing the scenery, stupid flippy yoda, terrible Vader NNNOOOOOO... urgh. Id have got PTSD from it if I didnt already have it. My order: Empire Last Jedi New Hope Rogue One TFA/Jedi There are no others.
  9. Wow. It turns out I hate you guys. Thats the biggest spoiler of all. I know I said come at me but I didnt expect actual hatred. Just so, so wrong about this, you are.
  10. Force Unleashed was the game, newbs, Awakens. Ok full Star Scuffles nerd opinion on its way: Its better than Empire Strikes Back. Hot take alert right? No, not really. Ive thought about the movie in all my waking hours since the midnight show this morning and shout me down all you like (fuckn come at me) but especially from a pure filmmaking point of view this is a better film, it has a proper 3 act arc, unlike Empire which was act one, act twooooooohnobodyswatchingTheEnd. I agree that the first half hour is a bit strange but it settles you into the tone. This is not a remake of Empire
  11. Loved GotG myself. Marvel does Star Wars. John Wick. Better than the first Taken. Best action movie I've seen in years. Keanu gets to flex the Matrix muscles again. Brain at the door of course, but tis action, innit?
  12. i like ole games xo

  13. Yeah, we ran that in our place, properly good stuff. I had that song in my head for weeks too. Watched the new Total Recall t'other night, as many have said, surprisingly good stuff. Nice references to the original without it treading on its toes - how a remake should be. Still prefer the original though. Also watched Premium Rush, the bike courier in New York film. Not bad. Leave your brain at the door, and it's a decent chase movie.
  14. Raiden Fighters Aces has been put back AGAIN, end of October now! Gutted.

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