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  1. SlyEnemy

    Rocket League

    Out of the 100+ games I've played, I've had lag in around 5 - 8 of them, mainly yesterday and the day before when one of their servers was overloaded. No issues today though.
  2. SlyEnemy

    Rocket League

    Really? That's weird, hopefully it'll get patched in.
  3. SlyEnemy

    Rocket League

    This is the greatest game I've played in God knows how long. It's simple to learn, has a high skill ceiling and is just fucking hilarious to play. I believe it's currently free on PS+ and has cross-platform play. Do yourselves a favour and savour the flavour of rocket-boosted car football exquisiteness in all its epic glory. 7 hours in two days. The matches last 5 minutes. Fuck me this is wonderful.
  4. SlyEnemy

    2015 Game Completion Thread

    I've put about 20 - 25 hours into it, but I'm having to stop for now until they sort out the inventory system, or it gets modded into something usable. I really, really love the game - but having to pop into a menu for various bombs and oils and such is so damn fiddly that it really takes me out of the zone. I had to do the same with Skyrim until SkyUI came out... I really don't understand how such a poorly thought out menu system made it into the game when everything else (EVERYTHING ELSE) is so perfectly tuned.
  5. SlyEnemy

    Batman Arkham Knight

    The only game I ever pre-ordered was GTA IV. And that was the worst GTA game I've played. Never again.
  6. SlyEnemy

    ARK: Survival Evolved - POC

    I fell into this trap with Rust. I love the idea of it, but I just find the undoing of all your hard work when you're not even there demoralising.
  7. SlyEnemy

    Steam Link

    I can't see it being much better than in-home streaming, unless the OS makes a big difference. I've never really had major issues with in-home streaming, apart from issues with the sound. I normally stream to the laptop if I'm upstairs and being lazy.
  8. SlyEnemy

    Steam Link

    You can get the full kit (Steam Pad included) for £79.99 if I read right? Seems alright. My PC is hooked up to my TV so no real need for myself, but it'd definitely be an option if I needed it.
  9. SlyEnemy

    The Witcher 3

    Okay. Maybe I'll feel safe to continue playing it then. But the game is so stringy with XP that I feel like any loss would be a real kick in the bananas.
  10. SlyEnemy

    The Witcher 3

    This is basically the GTA of RPG games as far as I'm concerned. So much attention to detail, such a good narrative and so much to do. I've been too scared to play since patch 1.4 though, anyone heard if they've patched the no XP for quests bug out?
  11. SlyEnemy


  12. SlyEnemy

    The Witcher 3

    From what I've heard, the PS4/Xbone versions look much like the Medium settings on PC (which is what I'm running) but the load times are a dog at 1 to 1.5 minutes. It's about 10 - 15 seconds on PC, if that.
  13. SlyEnemy

    The Witcher 3

    Playing this and loving it after not really getting the first two. This one just starts with a bang and keeps on banging.
  14. SlyEnemy

    GTA V

    It does look lovely. Have you seen the 4k shots? Shit looks unbelievable!
  15. SlyEnemy

    GTA V

    Oh, just as an aside Jusat, you don't run Raptr or anything while playing it do you? I was lucky enough to play it without Raptr on the first time (I think it'd crashed or something and I hadn't switched it on). The next day when I played, it was stuttering like fuck and I put it down to this memory leak I'd read about. Turns out it was the auto-record feature from Raptr that was doing it. Switched it off and it ran perfectly. Just a thought.