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Tomahawk Rob

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    Games..... and pies
  1. Tomahawk Rob

    Play, Want, Bin: February

    Play: Skyrim - love it! Although after playing it at least once a day since Xmas, I'm on a break from it for at least February... Sniper Elite V2 - entertaining enough, but the headshots have begun to grate... NFS Most Wanted - got it today and took it round a mate's tonight... It took an hour or so to get warmed up, but we were cooking with gas for the next three or so. Just gotta repeat all the work on my own profile now Want: More time (for games of course!) A holiday... I sure as hell fucking need one! My miserable cunt of a boss to shut the fuck up... Bin: Aliens CM - I'm gutted Work - SO FUCKING BUZY! The days, weeks & months are flying by at a rate of fucking knots, which was kinda great when I started the job 6 or 7 months ago, but I'm not so sure that's a good thing now! It'll be fucking Xmas again before I fucking know it... I think that place is starting to make me feel old! Win: ... but hey, at least I get the chance to play on Skyrim (or whatever) during my lunch break, so it's not all bad I guess!
  2. Tomahawk Rob

    Oscar Pistorius shoots his wife

    To be fair he's probably not the first man to wake up legless on valentines day shooting all over his girlfriends face imagining she's someone else.
  3. Tomahawk Rob

    Gaming Twitter

    Yeah it was fucking awesome and I too had a massive smile across my face while playing it ... until that is I started needing to replay chapters to unlock the extra stuff
  4. Tomahawk Rob


    PLAY Pretty much just been enjoying stuff on my new iPhone these last few weeks, and thanks to the big 'Because We May' sale, I've already built up a sizeable backlog on it... Apart from the casual tripe such as 'Draw Something', 'Logo Quiz' & 'Fruit Ninja' & older stuff like 'World of Goo', there have been two games worth a mention here: Zen Bound 2 - a puzzle game like no other... apart from Zen Bound 1 I guess? Simple but seriously fucking effective!!! Love it, although my battery isn't too keen on it... Sword & Sworcery - just started this last night, and even though I'm only 30 mins in, it's already one of those games you can tell is gonna be fucking awesome! WANT Not much TBH. There's a couple of recent releases I want to grab when I see em for the right price, but other than that, it's just Borderlands2 & AssCreed3 I think... EDIT: Just thought of something - WALKING DEAD EP2 needs to arrive soon!! Also, I'm fucking desperate to see Prometheus this weekend! BIN Being away for the last week, I haven't seen or read anything on this year's E3 other than the thread on this place. It doesn't sound like I've missed out on much... WIN Idafest in 3 weeks, and then I start a new job the Monday after!!
  5. Tomahawk Rob

    Excel Help Needed

    Can you not just do something like this? If you want every row to be converted to the same currency, then cell A1 contains the currency rate. Then before you drag down the autofill on all your total cost formula, you just add in an extra bit to multiply by the currency rate cell in absolute format (ie $A$1 instead of A1). If each row can be a different currency, then set up a lookup table on sheet2 with the rates for each currency needed, and makesure your main data has a column to identify what currency each row uses. Then before you drag down the autofill, add in a VLOOKUP bit to pull thru the correct rate into the total cost formula.
  6. Tomahawk Rob

    Alien Versus Predator

    Me too... unplayed...
  7. Tomahawk Rob

    Post when you watch a film

    Yeah, one of my mates gave me the DVD of this as he hated it... I thought it was great fun, although the English dubbing is fucking atrocious!! Norwegian subs FTW!
  8. Tomahawk Rob

    Game of Thrones

    Tru dat! She be well old!! Although if you look at google images of her, she looks a lot fitter out of character... This made me lol!
  9. A bunch of Sega classics are gonna be hitting XBLA over the next fortnight: Nice idea to package them in threes...
  10. Tomahawk Rob


    Use an iPhone & like pinball? This looks like it might be worth a punt! Age of Pinballs http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/age-of-pinballs/id445487562?affId=1377147 12 tables for FREE with the 'All in One' pack down to £1.99 or 'Real Pinball' pack for 69p This is gonna be the first thing I put on my new iPhone tomorrow!!!
  11. Tomahawk Rob

    Minecraft XBLA

    Surely the first person to build a golden goatse monument in the centre of their village wins? I played the demo a couple more times last night. Did some exploring of the demo world, found a lighthouse and climbed to the top, then found a cave and started digging again... I think I will buy it if/when it goes on sale, but can't justify it at the mo because of the higher price point and I reckon I'd get bored of the full game pretty quickly or distracted by something new & shiney...
  12. Tomahawk Rob

    Minecraft XBLA

    I played the demo 4 times last night and I'm starting to think I *might* enjoy it, but I still have reservations... What is the point of 'night-time' in it? I haven't bothered playing with armour & weapons yet (I spent the entire 4 plays mining, smelting and trying to figure out how the lava physics work...) Do you get anything worthwhile from fending off / killing monsters? Am I right in thinking that if I've sealed myself into my mine, even though I can hear their moaning, they can't get to me?
  13. Tomahawk Rob

    Asura's Wrath - Demo

    Forgot there was already a thread for this. C&Ped from the Gaming Twitter thread...
  14. Tomahawk Rob

    Gaming Twitter

    So Asura's Wrath... great game, but a bit flawed in the fact that you will more than likely need to replay chapters/stages multiple times to get enough 'S' rankings to unlock the final 'true' ending. That would be kinda fine if it wasn't for the fact you need to keep hitting the 'skip cutscene' (back) button almost as many times as all the other buttons in actual gameplay sections. That's just one QTE too many for me... Not sure whether I can put it on my completed list because of that... It's like AndyK & Rez all over again... On one hand I have beaten the 'final' boss & seen the credits roll, but on the other I know there is another chapter to watch/play. I might have to look it up on Youtube and see how vital it is... Great game though! The rail-shooter sections are quality!
  15. Tomahawk Rob

    Introduce yourself to the Now Loading forum

    CD!! Welcome back dude!