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  1. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Yeah, I guess since the original Halo trilogy came out the whole sci-fi shooter genre exploded and everything new or exciting got eaten up pretty fast. Everything felt very surface level about the campaign.
  2. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Absolutely LOVED that game. I didn't seem to care about the actual side content bits being very repetitive because swinging between them was so much fun.
  3. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Halo 5 (XB1) - 2015 - 3/5 (Co-Op) Played through this with my brother across the water and it didn't quite hit the high notes of what I remember of Halo 3. There was a lot of dead space, and empty feeling encounters, which took the wind out of the epic space adventure feeling. The plot was absolutely garbage, as well, but there were enough stand out levels and co-op shenanigans that it was worth playing through.
  4. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Forza Horizon 4 (XB1) - 2018 - 5/5 Not sure this technically has an end, but I've played through the "campaign" and unlocked the rolling online events, and played through a bunch of those too so I'm calling it done. I'm not usually a fan of racing games, but this came up in the Game Pass and I thought I'd give it a go - I'm glad I did! It lands in just the sweet spot between arcadey + sim for me, and the events were nice and varied too. I get so bored of circuit racing games, so to be able to explore a chunk of British countryside and bomb around Edinburgh was just what I was looking for.
  5. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 (PS4) - 2018 - 4/5 Super promising start to the new season and new characters are all great. Goes from about 0-dark super quick, and it's going to be interesting to see where it goes. There's not a great deal of new mechanics in this episode - there's a fairly light sketching mini-game which seems more about character than any kind of skill-based stuff; some interesting interactions where you can optionally do things yourself or involve your brother; some improved UI.
  6. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad game, it just wasn't great and felt oddly lesser than what I remember of the original reboot. I still played it a ton
  7. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4) - 2018 - 3/5 I don't know if it was coming off the back of Spider-man that did it, something else in the game or just the wrong tone/mood for post lay-off gaming, but this didn't click for me. As a whole, the experience didn't seem to cohere all that well - there were mechanics and tools introduced that seemed to have maybe one or two uses in the entire campaign; Lara's voice actor and performance really grated for me in a way that it never did in the original reboot; the plot seemed to barely keep itself together. I haven't played Rise yet, so I'm not sure if I'd feel the same way about that game, but beyond being beautiful to look at, this just didn't cut it.
  8. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    It was research!
  9. toneeblair

    I will remember that

    Super sad, that team was really talented and held back by poor management and poor tools. Saw a thread that summed up all the closures over last 7 days, something like 600 people got laid off at different companies. One good thing though - all those great storytellers can now move somewhere a bit more supportive where they can do some really great work!
  10. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    You did? Where was that? Don't think I got a notification. But yeah, I was at Capcom for the last few years working on the new thing. Been a crazy week, lots of job fairs but not a ton of design roles right now, unless I can relocate (which comes with its own set of problems) or wait months (which is dicey). Some really cool projects to work on at the moment though, so crossing my fingers I can land on one of those.
  11. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Spider-man (PS4) - 2018 - 5/5 What a fucking breath of fresh air. The game just oozes with charm, and it feels so awesome to swing through the city and do cool shit. Some of the missions/tasks can get a bit repetitive/Ubisoft-collect-a-thon but it was always so much fun to just do shit in this game that I didn't mind so much. The story was also genuinely affecting, and really well executed.
  12. toneeblair

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Yakuza 0 (PS4) - 2017 - 3/5 As my first ever foray into the Yakuza series, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and boy is it a weird one! One one hand, it's a real grim and gritty crime story, dotted with the most absurd side missions and distractions. I'm not sure it all landed for me, especially given I'd never played one of them before, but I'm interested in trying out the new remasters of the old games as they're a lot shorter and more focused.
  13. toneeblair


    Sweet, liking the new style!
  14. toneeblair

    Anthem - POC - PS4 - Bone

    I bounced off Destiny 1 & 2 so hard after the first few weeks that I'm worried I'll do the same with something trying to emulate that experience. I'm hesitantly waiting for the reviews on this one.