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  1. soundwave5150

    Your nowloading memories

    I remember going to a Workington meet. However I don’t remember when exactly, and I don’t remember anything that happened . . .
  2. soundwave5150

    Mine works too!

    Congrats! A penis works like a Greek builder; quickly delivers the materials required, then takes a break for at least 9 months . . .
  3. soundwave5150


    The forum came up in conversation during a Destiny 2 raid that included Last Ginja and RogueSquaddie, thought I’d pop my head In i stopped posting 7 years ago as forum got blocked at work
  4. soundwave5150


    I don’t remember how it was . . .
  5. soundwave5150

    U.S. Playstation 3 game prices

    The UK version with Paul Kaye was great but I'm guessing the current US release will be full of pop culture stuff that we won't have any knowledge of.
  6. soundwave5150

    Mortal Kombat

    I love SFIV and am damn good at it if I say so myself (once got 37 straight ranked match victories), but MK is really really good, I love the way they've took the old style of gameplay yet revamped it and added depth, takes a little time to get to grips with but I'm now dishing out some tasty combos. Well worth getting I'd say. Plus The devs have said balancing issues etc that arise will be patched.
  7. soundwave5150

    Mortal Kombat

    The bandages outfit is only in story mode it seems, unless there are more than two outfits for her, cus I've got her 2nd outfit from the Krypt and it isn't the bandages one. Maybe it's unlocked by doing ladder mode as her?
  8. soundwave5150


    Yeah it gets a lot more serious, less of the 'crazy dad slapstick' etc and more sword on sword 'fights of honour' stuff. Worth sticking with, first 20 eps are basically just an intro to the main characters. The 2nd arc is what gained it so much popularity.
  9. soundwave5150


    How far did you get with Bleach? You need to watch at least the first 30 epps to get hooked. Same with my fav shounen 'One Piece' which seems like it's for kids but if you stick with it, it becomes the funniest and at times genuinely sad and upsetting amine I've ever seen. Berserk is a great anime but doesn't resolve the manga story so be prepared for that, strongly recommend watching it anyway.
  10. soundwave5150

    Mortal Kombat

    I've managed to unlock all secondary fatalities as far as I know, helped that story mode offered about 150000 koins.
  11. soundwave5150

    Mortal Kombat

    You don't choose a char for story mode. You play each of them in chapters.
  12. soundwave5150

    Mortal Kombat

    Just finished story mode, awesome game! Want to go online and destroy people as cyrax but psn seems fooked.
  13. soundwave5150

    Old Camera's

    I just found a big bag of really old cameras in a cupboard at my girlfriend's house, would you be interested maybe? The date range looks to vary hugely, I can take pics and attempt to date them if you like?
  14. soundwave5150

    Mortal Kombat (Demo)

    I honestly believe this will be the best MK ever.
  15. soundwave5150

    Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition

    If anyone ends up with a poker chip they don't particularly want I would totally be your bitch forever if you sent me it! (or at least be quite grateful).