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  1. Apparently Killzone on PS4 is 85p right now. Get it quick!
  2. Game.co.uk will be having hourly deals from midday tomorrow on the supposed best of 2013. Might be worth a look.
  3. Hell yes, loved Sleeping Dogs (but sold it when finished and would like to go through it again.)
  4. There is currently an XBLA sale, with different daily deals, which started yesterday (Borderlands 2 content.) Today has Fez for about £1.50, Spelunky and Terraria about £2.50 each (I think). There are some other things that are on until the end of December, including Marvel vs Capcom 3 and its DLC which will be delisted from Live after the sale period ends (Capcom's licence with Marvel is ending.) Definitely worth checking it out every day. I have heard that there is a similar daily deals offer-type-thing on PSN but someone with a Sony device can tell you about that. This week's XBL dea
  5. Dark Souls is £3.74 TODAY ONLY on XBLA. I bought it but will probably be too scared of the difficulty to ever play it.
  6. According to a search on Steam support: Selecting your gift recipient You can send your gift to an e-mail address, you can select the recipient from one of your Friends in the Steam Community, or you can place the game in your Steam Inventory and send it via Steam Trading. If you are sending your gift to an e-mail address, please verify that you have typed the e-mail address in correctly. If the gift is not a surprise, we recommend verifying the address with the person you are gifting the game to in order to ensure that they receive the gift promptly.
  7. Today is Black Friday. Should be some good deals. Amazon have had lightning deals all week (I bought a Wii U premium for £180 this morning!) Game have hourly deals and there are offers on XBLA. Might be more around in other places so keep checking over the weekend and through Monday.
  8. Gravity was good, saw it last week.
  9. So...nearly...bought. Need to hold off til January sales.
  10. The next free 'Games with Gold' on XBLA will Magic 2013 and Rainbow 6 Vegas from Sunday.
  11. I saw something a while back where Kevin Smith said he was asked to write a Batman script and suggested Affleck for the role. It could work. Affleck and Bruce Wayne are dick heads
  12. Didn't like Pacific Rim, apart from Ron Perlman. Did enjoy Wolverine, although the last 20 minutes was a bit lame.
  13. iOS version of KOTOR is half price, £2.99 right now.
  14. £150 for the premium is my biting point. Still not an official cut either, so there's hope it can reach that price to be a little Christmas present to myself.
  15. There is a thing on the dash explaining Fable 3 as the first of the free 360 games for Gold members as mentioned at E3. A new one every 2 weeks, with the offers ending end of December this year. "available games may vary by country. Kinect and/or hard drive required for some games."
  16. Apparently only on Gold and if you switch currency to MARPS. Worked for me this morning.
  17. Now also on Amazon. As with 3DS I'll wait for the inevitable Zelda branded console. TR will be cheap by the next Steam sale/ Christmas. Whichever comes first.
  18. Buy 3 out of 8 selected 3DS games (all recently released,) register them with Club Nintendo and download a fourth for free. If anyone has the codes and doesn't plan to use them ( I already have Luigis Mansion) send them my way please! http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Misc-/Nintendo-3DS-So-Many-Games-Promotion/Overview/Overview-750393.html
  19. Bio shock Infinite is £30 Ps3/360 on Simply Games.
  20. Make that £25 for Tomb Raider, I realise now how ambitious an asking price £30 was.
  21. Anyone want my copy of Tomb Raider on 360? £30, or it goes to CEX at the weekend.
  22. I just saw the Raid, which was a solid action movie, but didn't blow me away. Dredd had a similar concept but was better all round imo. Wreck it Ralph in the cinema was good, but not up there with the best of Pixar/Dreamworks etc. Some cool game references but the overall plot was very child friendly and didn't touch on enough of the other game worlds hinted at. Def take your kids to it, and worth seeing. Also don't be late, there was a good little unrelated short at the start. One thing about Ralph that really highlights a piracy issue is that this came out on DVD in the US before we
  23. I saw Django at the weekend. Thought it was very good apart from Tarantino's appalling accent. Also, the cinema seats were shockingly uncomfortable, so the end dragged a bit. Will probably enjoy it more on DVD on the sofa.
  24. I really wish someone would change the title of this thread. Every time I read it I have to resist typing 'no' or 'yes'. It plays out in my head like a conversation with someone you really don't like but can't escape from. Cunt: "So, anyone seen any good movies recently?" Me: "No. Fuck off, Cunt."
  25. Thought the Hobbit was average. So much unnecessary filler added to make it longer. I just finished the book and so it was fresh in my mind. Also, couldn't help but feel that I was watching the 'Cold Feet' version every time James Nesbitt was on screen.
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