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    Walking Dead comics and games are better than the show. I gave up after season 3.
  2. Just seen the Last Jedi. A handful of decent moments spread among a sea of utter garbage. Worst SW film of all of them. Id rather watch Jarjar Binks for all eternity.
  3. If anyone wants to try Prey the PS4 version is £8.95 on thegamecollection.net today.
  4. Fair enough, personal opinions etc. I put Clones last solely for the romance bit that felt like it went on forever and really had little to do with the overall plot of the film. Other parts, like Kamino, were really good. Jarjar aside I think Phantom has a better self contained story.
  5. I am in the process of re-watching all of the films. Finished Empire. The prequels are not as bad as you remember, with the exception being Attack of the Clones. In fact, Revenge of the Sith is probably in the top 3 best SW films, behind Empire and Rogue 1. My order, subject to change based on not having re-watched RotJ, Force Awakens and not seeing Last Jedi at all: Empire Rogue Sith Jedi Hope Awakens Phantom Clones
  6. The harsh reality is that Star Wars is not a great franchise. 2 good ones out of 9, 2 average and the rest poor. The universe etc is great but the actual films mostly suck.
  7. Yep, prequel. You're part of the gang John Marston was betrayed by and went on to kill.
  8. Amazon have £5 off £40 gaming spend, £10 off £75 or £25 off £150 on gaming stuff. Works on hardware as well, so a Switch for £255 for example. Codes are VG5OFF40, VG10OFF75 and VG25OFF150. Also works on pre-orders (I went for £5 off Skyrim on Switch).
  9. 15 months of PS Plus for £29.99 on Amazon if you have Prime.
  10. I actually liked Salvation on a second watch. It was rubbish first time around. Logan was good. Now that Hugh Jackman is done with the character I hope they leave it out if future films. I just can't see anyone else playing Wolverine.
  11. Yep, incomprehensible at times. They ignored the timeline of 3 and 4 as if they never happened and
  12. I've just gone through the Terminator films. Never saw Genisys before, but it could well be one of the worst films ever made.
  13. Battlefield 4 and Hardline are £3.99 on psn. Possibly the same on xbl and origin. I picked up 4 on PS4. Might be fun if we can get some ppl on it (although I realise how old it is).
  14. 10% off everything at thegamecollection.net with code DEADCOOL. It expires end of today so be quick. Getting the Division for £35.86 from there.
  15. Grim Fandango HD on PS4/ Vita is £4.79 if you have plus.
  16. Xbone with Askham Knight £249 on Amazon. Very tempting.
  17. If anyone has a Vita and not on PsPlus, I have a download code for Killzone Mercenary. Someone make me an offer!
  18. 10 % off everything on thegamecollection.net until midnight tonight with code COMEGETSOME. Got Majora's Mask 3d for £26 ready for holiday next month.
  19. There's a 20th Anniversary PSN sale at the moment. Picked up a bunch of PS1 games that I never got round to. Most were under £2. Other stuff on there too.
  20. Top game. Really should go back and finish it.
  21. XMen Days of Future Past. Very enjoyable, nice setup for the next one, especially if you hated Xmen 3.
  22. Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, £20 on Shopto. Other things in their Easter sale too.
  23. Bad luck. I managed to get one just before I posted it on here.
  24. South Park is £22.99 from Game's website today only. 360 & PS3.
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