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  1. CoD MW2 Remastered (PS4) Irritatingly I bought this a few weeks before it went on PS Plus. When it first came out, to me it was a great game. All this time later and it was decidedly average. Exactly the same CoD gameplay, although with very pretty graphics. The lack of Spec Ops is annoying as I loved that mode. I got suckered in by nostalgia and hopefully have learned my lesson; CoD is not a good franchise (at least for me).
  2. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) Thoroughly enjoyed this, to the point where I’m mopping up all the side quests and collectibles. It plays like a standard open world Ass Creed type game, but the world is beautiful and it’s very cool being a Samurai. The combat is like the Arkham games, so timing your parries is important. You could also play it in pure stealth but it’s kind of more fun to run in chopping off limbs. To sum up, story is okay, combat is very good, the world and setting are great. It’s also nowhere near as long as AC. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre, but it’s definitely worth picking up, as long as you’re not burned out on open world games.
  3. Shenmue (PS4) Got the platinum, like Wayne. Never played it before, unlike Wayne. A nice change of pace after Last of Us 2. I played Shenmue 2 ages ago on XB, so it was familiar yet different. Going to play 2 next, possibly 3 as well before Ghost of Tsushima.
  4. The Last of Us Part 2 (PS4) Finished this last week. I successfully managed to avoid any of the leaks and spoilers for this, so I won’t mention any here. Graphics, sound and animation are outstanding. The core gameplay is very good, better than the first. I mostly played it stealthily but you can go all action at points too. You can even adjust AI and resources in the options to how you want it, even turn it into pseudo-Gears of War. Really nice to have the choice. I enjoyed the story, it was very clever and well done and if you take the time with it you can really appreciate what they were getting at. It doesn’t have a straightforward linear story like the first game, which may be partly why some people hate it. My only issues are that it can feel very long, especially when you get into the second half, but it feels necessary because of plot points. I also found some of the violence quite jarring, although it makes sense being in an apocalypse. Definitely recommended to play it, unless you hate LGBT characters/plots or are not in the mood for thinking a bit deeper with story, or if you can’t deal with a pretty bleak atmosphere. 8/10
  5. CoD WW2 (PS4) Standard CoD campaign. It was fun, like a greatest hits of WW2 campaign, and didn’t outstay it’s welcome. Fun for a weekend, especially as it’s on PS Plus right now. Won’t be going near multiplayer so no idea how that is.
  6. Assassin’s Creed Origins (PS4) I enjoyed this. First AC I played since 3. The setting was interesting, decent if linear story and exploring the world was cool. I didn’t like how long it was and the RPG elements felt tacked on and force you to do side quests to level up that I wasn’t fussed with. Worth the £10 I spent. Might try Valhalla if I’m desperate for something on next gen, but in no real rush to play every entry in the series I missed.
  7. I’d heard mixed things about Darksiders 2, and despite loving the first I never played the second. Looks like I’ll be picking it up on the Switch at some stage
  8. Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) Started this ages ago and wanted to get something off the backlog. Turns out I didn’t have that much left to go. It was fine. Pretty much the same as the previous one/Uncharted. At some point I’ll pick up Shadow, in hope that it will be more puzzle focussed than combat heavy like this one.
  9. Doom Eternal (PS4) This was good, but like someone else said the Marauder can fuck right off. Got so sick of him popping up I put the game down to easy. Apart from a slow start it’s a great game. The combat and graphics were really good, especially the destructible demons, but I think 2016 was better overall , even though each individual element in Eternal was better. Possibly because it felt a bit more restrictive in how the game forces you to use its mechanics to get resources instead of pickups, and it looks like it wants you to be in the air a lot of the time. Jimmy will never complete this.
  10. Shrinking horse balls does not make a fun game. I didn’t question the level of detail and the systems; it makes for a great simulator but not a fun game. A privilege to play?
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) Finally got round to finishing this. I’m done with Rockstar games after this (until I get sucked in by the hype again and am left disappointed again). The controls and physics, which they seem to have in every Rockstar game, are so heavy and slow they make walking around a chore and the combat, as a pseudo cover shooter, mostly awful. The controls are very convoluted, there’s just too much going on. The same button for climbing also picks your hat up off the floor, which is different to picking a gun off the floor. Think I got RSI from tapping the sprint button so much. After taking a break from it I had to spend an age figuring out the controls again. Over the course of a 50-ish hour game, and I skipped all of the side quests, the story doesn’t get going until around the last third. The end and epilogue are pretty good but it’s painful getting there. It takes ages to get anywhere until you unlock fast travel quite a way in, and even then it isn’t straight forward. I think the game is just far too big. You can get stuck in with hunting and fishing and other things, and the world is huge and detailed but it seems that Rockstar have lost sight of what makes a game fun. It’s a Wild West simulator and not a fun game. Apart from the previous Red Dead I don’t think Rockstar made a fun game since the PS2.
  12. They added arrows on the floor if you played it with remastered graphics. That’s how badly designed that area was originally.
  13. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (PS4) Really enjoyed this throughout, although perhaps a bit too much backtracking. I didn’t like the save point system, which is a bit of a pain, and the combat while engaging and pretty well done wasn’t the best. I would’ve preferred if it had played more simply like Force Unleashed, but I know they went for a Souls type of experience which I don’t have much patience for. Aside from those minor issues I didn’t have any bugs (on a Pro) but the animation was a bit janky at times. Almost forgot that the controls felt a bit heavy when platforming, especially on the stupid overused slides. Definitely worth a go. 7/10 from me (from not a huge SW fan) which makes it better than all but 2 of the movies.
  14. The extra stuff, and patch to 60fps and aspect ratios is out now https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-01-09-doom-1-and-2-re-releases-get-60fps-support-john-romeros-sigil-in-latest-update
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