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  1. El_Patriot

    EGX London 2019

    Did you get weekend tickets or just the Saturday?
  2. El_Patriot

    EGX London 2019

    Tickets on sale now for EGX
  3. El_Patriot

    Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Pokemon Lets Go is pretty fun. A nice simple entry point/nostalgia hit without the min/max stat building and grinding wild battles. I hadn’t touched the main series for ages but Let’s Go hooked me.
  4. El_Patriot

    Resident Evil 2 Demo

    I bought the full game. Very atmospheric, and definitely not like 4/5/6 in terms of action. I never got very far in the original but this has some familiar areas and puzzles. Definitely worth picking up if you like horror or Resident Evil. Not as good graphically (on Pro) as I was expecting, but could be my eyes (just got new glasses and adjusting to new prescription). Don’t think HDR works, it just looks washed out.
  5. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    Well, around that but you get A and B scenarios for each character plus Hunk and Tofu missions
  6. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    Resident Evil 2 is out today! Argos have it for £36.99 on console which is about a tenner cheaper than Amazon.
  7. El_Patriot

    Mass Effect 3

    When did you attempt it? When bc launched it was poor, but they fixed it later. Also, ME1 had a pretty choppy frame rate anyway.
  8. El_Patriot

    Happy Christmas!

    Happy Christmas everyone. Went to Becci’s parents yesterday, ate too much but was nice (if long) day. Got Astrobot and Moss on PSVR, Starlink for Switch (thanks Wayne for finding it cheap) and a duplicate copy of Diablo 3 on Switch which will be returned for Smash Bros. Pretty good haul this year. Today I’m going to Welling United v Dartford; a recent family tradition of local football on Boxing Day, then second Christmas dinner we’re making ourselves.
  9. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    Playstation Classic down to £50 on Amazon and Smyths. Probably worth a punt.
  10. El_Patriot

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch) Just did the story, and it is a fun little game. Pretty much XCom in the Mario universe. Really enjoyed this one, and tempted by the dlc but doubt I’d get round to it. I even found some of the jokes amusing. If you have a Switch and like tactical games, get this. It’s fairly cheap everywhere now, too.
  11. El_Patriot

    EGX London 2019

    Eurogamer show is back in London at Excel from the 17-20 October. Forum meet?
  12. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    Diablo 3 on Switch is down to £32.99 in the Amazon Cyber Monday thing.
  13. El_Patriot

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Destiny 2: Forsaken (PS4) Finished the raid so I’m considering this complete. Probably the best Destiny has been since the Taken King expansion. Having random rolls on weapons, a list of in game triumphs (basically in game achievements) and a good endgame area have really sucked me back in. The last 2 expansions were underwhelming but this is great. I think it’s really cheap right now in Black Friday deals, so now would be a good time to pick it up. Can’t wait for the next expansion in a couple of weeks.
  14. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    It’s not too late. Ends on Sunday.
  15. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    If anyone has a Nectar card with a bunch of points you get double value if you spend them by Sunday in certain departments. This includes games, so £20 of points= £40 of stuff. They’ve done it for a couple of years, so I’ve had a few games etc for nowt, and save points until this promo is on. https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/gb/groceries/get-ideas/features/our-brand-features/double-up?langId=44&storeId=10151&krypto=Vl5p8RGCWl1AonRHfYLnJqxLK118rOBmXwbJMpTOVgxy5X4gYA0gstPbICY52taD4FR872blqFYmng%2F5vcix%2FvLSy8lGBIFBBVZcXm3h8BjZ8ZcLatarqrawz2913Xw1zweLIqK2JAJ8%2Fr6cDQgzHO0Ja6DFm2vzCY9NC3ukE5Y%3D&ddkey=https%3Agb%2Fgroceries%2Fget-ideas%2Ffeatures%2Four-brand-features%2Fdouble-up