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  1. Put quite a few hours into ME:1. It feels just as clunky as I remember but the story and world are still good. It seems shorter than I remember too. Hard to say how improved it is as I haven’t played the original for a long time, but 60fps on PS5 is very nice. Looks to be a relatively easy set of 3 platinums if you’re into the trophy hunting thing.
  2. This is very good so far. Never played one of these before and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. More of a 3rd person shooter than a platformer than I expected. I’m playing in the performance RT mode and it is gorgeous. Only played an hour so far but I highly recommend checking this out if you have a PS5.
  3. Ass. Creed Valhalla (PS5) Solid if unspectacular, but I still put in over 80 hours, mostly just doing the story. Could probably double that to do everything. These games are just too big and bloated. The sheer number of icons to clear from the map is crazy, and while the world is very well built I just ended up running past most of it to get to the next map icon ASAP. The core loop is fun for the first 20 hours, then it becomes pretty monotonous after. I‘m not a huge AC fan but I’m sure if you are you’ll enjoy it; very much more of the same in a new location. I wish they would g
  4. Where is it under £20? Showing as £35 (with 10% off with EA membership)
  5. That’s exactly why I haven’t bought it! I might try it out when/if the next gen upgrades show up. Throwing in my opinion about the game as a whole; I also preferred 2016. Here it seems every individual part of the game has improved but somehow the overall experience to me was worse. The movement for example gives you more options and lots of air time, but I didn’t find it fun to be flying around the maps when mobbed by the heavies. The restrictions on resources and enemies with very specific weaknesses forcing you to change weapons is a good idea so you don’t just use the shotgun the whol
  6. When you see the Marauder tell him I said he can fuck right off.
  7. Homefront Revolution (PS4) I only picked this up to play the hidden Timesplitters 2 remake and in order to do that I almost got to the end so decided to finish it. It’s like a budget version of Far Cry but the world is boring and grey, and the gunplay is pretty poor. I did however enjoy the rather limited story and traversal around the map. It’s okay to play if you want to get to TS2, but I can’t recommend going out of your way to play it. 5/10
  8. Just need to add the caveat that most of the truly bad problems with it are on consoles, particularly the base Xbox and PS4. I won’t be picking it up until the native PS5 version, but hopefully the patches will come quickly for those who bought it already on those systems.
  9. Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) A fun sequel, about 15 hours long to do the story. I might go back for side quests/trophies. I played at 30fps with RT etc and it was very nice. Not particularly “next gen” but a good game that plays well on the system. It’s had an update to 60fps with RT that I’d like to try. Destiny 2: Beyond Light (PS4/5) A decent 5-6 hour campaign, with some fun new abilities. More of the same really. The PS5 update this week is great, native 4k60 and feels almost like a new game. Recommended for the gamepass crowd or maybe just trying the f2p parts to try the
  10. It’s been fixed! Get your Valhalla upgrade now!
  11. I like it. There are some bugs in the firmware with rest mode and external drives so I’ve heard, and a couple of games I’ve played have had some issues. I’ll put these things down to COVID/ work from home/ standard early adopter issues. The loading times are fantastic. Less than 30seconds to go from a cold boot to loading your save. The controller is one of the best I’ve ever used. The haptics and force feedback are probably the only next gen features, everything else seems to be same sorts of games but shinier.
  12. That or it’s one of those cases where if they don’t protect the patent they lose it ?
  13. I like the idea of it, but in reality I’ll use a tiny fraction of what it can do and hope for an option to copy the xmb.
  14. Would buy a matte black set of these, but the potential for fancy special editions is nice.
  15. Mafia: Definitive Edition (PS4) Never played the original but Mafia 2 was one of my favourites last gen. Combat, movement and driving all feel a bit heavy, but okay. I enjoyed the setting and story, despite being full of clichés. Worth a play if you fancy a crime story. Despite appearances this is not an open world game so it isn’t bloated with repetitive side quests and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. I got the trilogy for a good price so might move on to the second one.
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