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  1. El_Patriot

    Mine works too!

    Good work, Wielder of the Mighty Penis.
  2. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    So this is cool. You can now directly add photos to the forum without imgur or anything.
  3. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    Not online, but Primark have quite a collection of gaming clothing for cheap. I got some Pacman socks and Snorlax slippers, but there were some cool Mario and Sonic shirts. Worth a look.
  4. El_Patriot

    Yokus Island Express

    There’s a demo for this out now.
  5. El_Patriot

    Destiny PS4

    Anyone got the Whisper of the Worm? Other than Pete and me of course Anyone fancy a raid give me a shout. I’m on school holidays so free most of the time. Edit: Finally, I can use apostrophes again!
  6. El_Patriot

    Meat at Jimmys.

    Hows his sister going to cope with everyone?
  7. El_Patriot

    PS3 Games query

    Press X to Jason
  8. El_Patriot

    Meat at mine?

    So, EGX in September (when it gets announced)?
  9. El_Patriot

    Super Mario Odyssey

    You wont complete it this week. Bowser is not the end. Closer to the halfway point.
  10. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    Amazon have 6 months XBL Gold for the price of 3, so £14.99, same deal as they have done before.
  11. El_Patriot

    Star Trek Bridge Crew

    Really? That seems stupid.
  12. El_Patriot

    E3 2018

    So, Deus Ex then.
  13. El_Patriot

    E3 2018

    All of E3 was meh. Everything had already been announced before or leaked. Its getting less relevant. Things I liked: 1. Doom 2. The time I saved by not watching all of it live.
  14. El_Patriot

    E3 2018

    A few decent announcements but nothing really jaw dropping. It doesnt help that there are so many leaks and early teasers.
  15. El_Patriot

    Star Trek Bridge Crew

    Its on my wishlist, but too much going on. Paul is going to puck it up when I do, so 4 man crew ahoy!