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  1. I got the original Doom on Switch. Still a great game. Haven’t picked up the others yet, hoping for a physical pack with those and Doom 64. Doom 3 is the updated version where all weapons have a torch. Haven’t got to Turok yet, waiting for my physical copy to arrive.
  2. Been playing in co-op on 2 xboxes. Had a couple of freezes for player 2, but making solid progress. Must be a crossplay/ PC issue?
  3. Gears of War 4 (Bone) Still don’t like the robots in the first half of the game, or the horde mechanics added to campaign, but still a really solid game. Gears 5 installed and ready to go tonight.
  4. Gears of War 3 (Bone) Started a coop play through ages ago and decided to finish it ahead of 5. Combat is still fun, but it’s too grey and brown in the colour palette (despite being better than the first 2). Going through 4 now, and I’d forgotten how good the HDR was on that in comparison.
  5. Picked up a few retro things recently. Got a boxed copy of Banjo-Tooie for my birthday, Daikatana and Robotron carts (N64), Perfect Dark for GBC. Also picked up a PS3 slim from Game for £30 with MGs4, Resistance, Heavenly Sword and Killzone 3. Couldn’t resist for the price seeing as I have a bunch of PS Plus games added to my account since I had a PS4. Any recommendations for PS3 exclusives? Only after stuff that hasn’t been rereleased this gen.
  6. I had a few games on Battlefront 2 and in terms of all the progression and pay to win stuff it’s a very different game. Only cosmetics are for sale for money, you choose what upgrades to get that you want, not random. It’s basically the game it should’ve been at launch.
  7. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rickality (PSVR) This was a fun few hours. Puzzle adventure sort of thing, and quite enjoyable if you like the show. Spider-Man (PS4) Great game. Decent story, plenty of the usual open world stuff if you can be bothered, but just swinging around the city was fun enough to justify playing.
  8. Anyone care? A few interesting things on Switch for me, including Witcher 3 and Alien Isolation. Will be interesting to see how these run. I never got far in W3 on PS4, so if it’s decent it’ll be good to play on the go. This comes from someone who played Doom on the Switch and loved it despite looking way worse than other systems. Also teaser for Breath of the Wild 2 and Panzer Dragoon remake. Only Gears 5 interests me on Xbox. The new hardware reveal wasn’t much of a reveal. Seems like they (and Sony) are keeping their powder dry for next year. It seems like September is the month for new games this year. 5 or 6 that I have an eye on, but not much else for the rest of the year.
  9. The saga continues. Sports Direct makes Game Digital takeover offer https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48528313 Friend of mine worked at HoF during the Mike Ashley takeover. By all accounts he runs things in a very strange, but brutally successful way. He pretty much takes struggling firms in administration, renegotiates all supplier and rent contracts to a fraction of their worth and then gets all the stock in stores essentially for free, so he can turn a profit by selling things for next to nothing. Not sure how Game can survive without becoming a concession in Sports Direct/HoF tbh. Their business model just doesn’t work anymore as it stands.
  10. Or save your money for PS5. If you waited this long another year won’t hurt (PS5 being back compat with PS4 and VR)
  11. He just looked like a big fluffy bear, but hard to get a good look after just a few seconds. Lickitung can piss right off. Nightmare fuel.
  12. I saw this last week with the other half. It was enjoyable, although not enough screen time for Snorlax.
  13. Darksiders Warmastered (Switch) Finished it years ago on 360. Still a good Zelda/God of War copy with a story I didn’t really follow and a few bland environments. Well worth a play if you missed it seeing as it’s a budget release. About 15 hours to finish.
  14. A whole bunch of VR stuff got announced on Sony’s State of Play stream. Finally a date for Blood & Truth, No Man’s Sky, Everybody’s Golf and Ironman. Probably going to pick a few of these up. I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of support PSVR is getting. Thought it would end up like Vita a lot sooner.
  15. Did you get weekend tickets or just the Saturday?
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