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  1. marthagogo

    Dark Souls 2

    this is great. just managed to get a shield!
  2. marthagogo

    Dark Souls 2

    ive imposed a ban on reading to many opinions on this before (and planning to keep it up whilst on initial run through). not spoilers but just observations. the none infinite respawning enemies is a frightening concept. im a total farmer.
  3. marthagogo

    Dark Souls

    yeah, the pvp became very diahonourable, dark bead and laggy backstabs all over the place. still, made it feel great when you beat swap to a big fuck off long weapon and cane their arses. slowly slowly in blight town jusat, and lots of moss, and the ring from a return visit to the asylum. if it really annoys you, did you get the key gift? there is a very handy back way.
  4. marthagogo

    Dark Souls

    and, im back (briefly probably). i think this game has changed me. just really not been able to get into anything else since playing it so have been muddling through ng+. maxed out loads of armour & messed with loads of different weapons. started 2 experimental builds (magic is sweet). back to ng+, put off the last few bosses (out of the fear) and realised 2 sad facts; 1. i would never be able to grind to join the sunlight brotherhood because; 2. at level 130+ you are far far too high to get any summons except invasions (did help a few people on s & o but always died after offing one of them for the player). anyway, finished it tuesday - nito, seath & gwyn all one sitting. got me other ending & started ng+++. lost my entire lvl 143, 160+hr save this morning. i didnt feel anything - it has changed me. hi to all and hope to be back soon.xxx
  5. marthagogo

    Dark Souls 2

    going deprived.
  6. marthagogo

    Dark Souls 2

    i wil be 360ing this next week!
  7. marthagogo

    Marthagogone in 60 seconds birthday thread

    cheers dudes, your all awesome and i miss having time to regularly bore you with monologues on games you all washwashed your hand of months previous. twas the most unbirthday birthday ever. i habe never been so busy in all my life and didnt get my usual day of peace and quiet or touch a game. will postpone the day of for dark souls 2 release. much love. x
  8. marthagogo

    Happy New Year

    hny people. x
  9. marthagogo

    Online Bargains

    is that the tomb raider that came out this year? full game?
  10. marthagogo

    Christmas prezzles and sales - what did ya'll get?

    storm trooper onesie sounds good. feet in or out?
  11. marthagogo

    Christmas prezzles and sales - what did ya'll get?

    got nothing of note (by request) but the mrs surprised me with a days s cookery course which is excellent. most intriguing guft was the boys (4) handheld sega megadrive thing. 20 built in games. itz amazing and after a slow start he is loving some old school gaming in a way i could never have afforeded to 20 years ago. the lucky little sod, doesnt even know he is born. may treat myself to that mini 360 in the sales.
  12. marthagogo

    Happy Davemas

    happy xmas to one and all. im so tired. i lol at santa coming down chimneys.
  13. marthagogo

    Most Useful Android Apps

    same here, the swapping of apps and contacts is no bother but i always find lots of bits always go missing (saves etc). maybe im doing something wrong but its way clunkier than the apple swapping. as an aside, downloaded the smart ir remote app (still pricey even on sale: 5.50 but is working like treat on all the devices i have so far.
  14. marthagogo

    Most Useful Android Apps

    oh fecking hell, forgot what a ball ache changing handsets on Android is, had to faff around backing up the old s3 and it still transfers over sweet fuck all. loving the note 3, sweet screen and loads of ram. only on Android 4.3 though which is annoying. anyway to the crux of my question /issue; not only does it look like a giant s2 once safely ensconced in an otterbox defender, it also shares the issue of having a fuck to of uninstall able shit. think I may have to root it, any tips or guides? (idiots guide of course). failing that, is there any font packs that will work on 4.3+? these default ones are driving me crazy!
  15. marthagogo

    XBone vs PS4

    i saw an xbox1 for real, set up in someones house, they even had a 360mini plugged into it. the kinect part wasnt as big as i was expecting.