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Everything posted by kakarru

  1. kakarru

    Mine works too!

    Congrats Mate
  2. kakarru

    Mac Help

    Throwing in an SSD should be fine mate. Just need to put the Mac OSX on there.
  3. kakarru

    Destiny 2

    Papa and Jusatsushi, did you play the DLC for Destiny 1. I skipped it due to lack of interest so maybe the jump is bigger for me than you guys if you had played the DLC.
  4. kakarru


    Only managed to get to the top with the help of a much more skilled squad so far. Have yet to get better than top 3 solo.
  5. kakarru

    Destiny 2

    I'm enjoying this one much more than the first game despite the similarity.
  6. kakarru

    Happy birthday ped

    Hope you get lots of fight money fella.
  7. Hey those of you who remember me. I haven't posted here for quite some time. How is everyone? -Carl
  8. Advanced wars and full spectrum warrior are at a party, they start chatting they have alot in common...and alot to drink. The next morning the wake up next to each the result is Valkyria chronciles its like the bastard love child of these two games. More action orientated that advanced wars and more japanese than full spectrum warrior. You play as welklin and his squad of soliders, your netural little land is attacked by some big invading force and everyone is enlisted in the military to save it. The story pieces are intresting and the graphics are gorogus if sometimes plain. The combat is turn based real time (Sounds confusing but it works well. Think fallout with vats but no shooting first person style and your on the right track.). You control a squad of soldiers you have to manage then fight with there are different classes such as scouts, snipers, anti tank (lancers) Engerneers and shocktroopers. Its a bit rock paper scissor at times but the game plays well and the storys intresting and the characters likeable with there own personalitys. I just took out a tank with the campest anti tank soldier on the planet. If your intrested in strategy rpgs and are bored of the usual first person shooter stuff pick it up. I can imagine it not being played much due to all the titles out recently but its well worth the £20 quid asking price.
  9. kakarru

    Uncharted 3

    Went to Tesco to do some late night shopping tonight and found this already on sale. Combat seems better that the first to and the character animation is amazing. Only just started will update with more details later.
  10. kakarru

    Christmas prezzles and sales - what did ya'll get?

    I received the Gears of War boardgame. Going to give it a bash with the misses soon.
  11. kakarru

    Playstation Now

    If it allows me to play my ps3 games on the PS4 i will be very happy indeed.
  12. kakarru

    another poc building thread

    Its not a power problem. Either the HD, memory most likley.
  13. kakarru

    XBone vs PS4

    I got him a book. Feel like a bit of a knob.
  14. kakarru

    another poc building thread

    It doesn't work anymore. No fire or explosions so not that terrible.
  15. kakarru

    XBone vs PS4

    He went through the effort to write PS4 on the side of the breeze block in tipex.
  16. kakarru

    XBone vs PS4

    My best mate surprised me with a PS4 for christmas. Shocked isnt the word.
  17. kakarru

    another poc building thread

    My PC died a terrible death. Sucks to not be able to use most of my steam games.
  18. kakarru

    Resident Evil 6

    Resi 4 still holds up as one of my favorite games, yes it was more action based than the previous games but it still kept that horror feel that was completely lost with 5 and it seems lost with 6 as well.
  19. kakarru

    Resident Evil 6

    I did the same, preorderd due to nostalgia canceled due to demo, bargain bin job for me I think.
  20. Hey guys been a while. Decided to pick up this one from the moment the leaked beta came online on several less than legitimate sites. The game lives up to the Deus EX name and is no where near the turd that was invisible war. While at least early on in terms of story you dont have much choice the way you approach and handle missions leaves alot of choice. In an early police station mission you can talk your way in, shoot your way in or sneak around back and get in through the roof. The leathal and non lethal choices from the first game are back and you can even play the entire game without killing anyone. Except the bosses (The first boss sucks btw.) To sum it up awesome shooter with good RPG elements well worth a few play through's i reckon. Anyone else played it Also for those of you who have the pc version and want to play it early, pre load it via steam then use this method to play it. Apparently Steam have blocked accounts for people bypassing international release dates so use it at your own risk. Exit Steam Go to www.flyvpn.com, download a trial. Connect to a US node Start steam (make sure you have it set to save your password so you can log in offline later. Run Deus Ex; let it decrypt and install. Then exit the game. Put steam in offline mode and let it restart. Exit FlyVPN Play Might wanna stay in offline mode until the Friday release just to be sure.
  21. kakarru

    The Weight Loss Thread

    Im in much the same postion rich. Not training and eating crap at uni has got me much heavier. Ive just got back into grappling and I am on a low carb diet too. Its hard at times because much of the easy to pick up snacks and meals are full of carbs like sandwiches and wraps meaning its hard to stick to the diet when you are running around and busy. Ive started making sure I pre prepare meals for work ect. Good luck with it mate .
  22. kakarru

    Day Z

    Its not your fault mate. Bought cheap headphones they were a bit shit. Will replace them once I'm back from Rome. Just found this, it may be helpful for when we all spawn really far apart. http://teamfackin.com/moocow/dayz/map/
  23. kakarru

    Day Z

    Just died of bloodloss with no ammo
  24. kakarru

    Day Z

    gonna have a bash on uk 12 atm. Then will look at teamspeak
  25. kakarru

    Day Z

    Put the team speak details on here Im game.