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  1. kakarru

    Mine works too!

    Congrats Mate
  2. kakarru

    Mac Help

    Throwing in an SSD should be fine mate. Just need to put the Mac OSX on there.
  3. kakarru

    Destiny 2

    Papa and Jusatsushi, did you play the DLC for Destiny 1. I skipped it due to lack of interest so maybe the jump is bigger for me than you guys if you had played the DLC.
  4. kakarru


    Only managed to get to the top with the help of a much more skilled squad so far. Have yet to get better than top 3 solo.
  5. kakarru

    Destiny 2

    I'm enjoying this one much more than the first game despite the similarity.
  6. Hey those of you who remember me. I haven't posted here for quite some time. How is everyone? -Carl
  7. kakarru

    Christmas prezzles and sales - what did ya'll get?

    I received the Gears of War boardgame. Going to give it a bash with the misses soon.
  8. kakarru

    Playstation Now

    If it allows me to play my ps3 games on the PS4 i will be very happy indeed.
  9. kakarru

    another poc building thread

    Its not a power problem. Either the HD, memory most likley.
  10. kakarru

    XBone vs PS4

    I got him a book. Feel like a bit of a knob.
  11. kakarru

    another poc building thread

    It doesn't work anymore. No fire or explosions so not that terrible.
  12. kakarru

    XBone vs PS4

    He went through the effort to write PS4 on the side of the breeze block in tipex.
  13. kakarru

    XBone vs PS4

    My best mate surprised me with a PS4 for christmas. Shocked isnt the word.
  14. kakarru

    another poc building thread

    My PC died a terrible death. Sucks to not be able to use most of my steam games.
  15. kakarru

    Resident Evil 6

    Resi 4 still holds up as one of my favorite games, yes it was more action based than the previous games but it still kept that horror feel that was completely lost with 5 and it seems lost with 6 as well.