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  1. I felt very Similar with both Destiny games. Played the first half our of Anthem on PC earlier and it was distinctly OK so far.
  2. First time meeting the fam monkey?

  3. kakarru

    Nice set-up, non?

    I want to play portal like that.
  4. kakarru

    I broke mystic

    The brakeage of mystic
  5. Dear Carl,

    you are Welsh.

    All my Love Mystic

  6. kakarru

    Can you guess what it is yet?

    Thought thats my crotch so im not sure whos head that is in there.
  7. kakarru

    OOOO arrr

    That looks alot like im starting at dans arse.
  8. kakarru

    Pile on 3

    it was a team effort. God those feet did have there own limit break though. Who needs omnislash when you have jusats feet.
  9. kakarru

    Hamster love 1

    What he did to it was far worse.
  10. James you are short your just less short than dave.
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