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  1. Genysis is actually good in comparison to Terminator Salvation with Christian Bale, that is a bag of shit. Logan: Absolutely fucking brilliant file.
  2. I could have put it more eloquently. I don't remember writing in my film degree dissertation "The script was diabolical."
  3. I'm not saying Die Hard is good... far from it, but it's reasonably stupid and entertaining. Dredd is awful in virtually every way. The ONLY good thing about it is that it's true to the comics. The girl was a terrible actress. The script was diabolical. There is no story to it... they get trapped in a building and fight their way out. Wow... that must have been difficult to dream up. The slo-mo shit was way over-done and gets incredibly dull after the 5th time you've seen it.
  4. A good day to die hard - Really stupid and predictable but very entertaining. Dredd - Utter shit.
  5. Django Unchained - Oh my god, it's amazing. Just truly brilliant. The only down side, Tarantino's accent, I couldn't tell if he was Cockney, Australian or retarded. Lincoln - Holy christ that's a good film.
  6. Fucking Paris

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    2. Mr Rich

      Mr Rich

      It's too hot here, and getting a taxi is ridiculous.

    3. pickled


      Just shout louder in English, that always works, especially in France

    4. Mr Rich

      Mr Rich

      It's so full of blart though I can't tell you

  7. I have to say I just don't understand football. If you watch a Rugby team losing, 99% of the time they're trying their arses off to get back into it. Even if you're losing by 3, you can at least try to score.. there was 15 minutes to go for Christ's sake.

    1. Bondy


      Probably something to do with being ridiculously overpaid and no longer giving a shit, coz the pay packet will still come in.

  8. Come on Formula 1 and finish, football is a waiting.

  9. 2-1 England...

  10. Eh Bobbi, what's the French for Karma?

  11. This is what you get when you click the peado button?

  12. Mr Rich


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