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  1. Mr Rich

    Mine works too!

    Yay, you put sperm in a woman! Congrats bud.
  2. Mr Rich

    Meat at mine?

    I royally screwed up in not making this one, I really hope I will be able to do the next.
  3. Mr Rich

    So what did I miss?

    Well, he was married to Chixie wasn't he? That's grounds enough for oddness.
  4. Mr Rich

    So what did I miss?

    We'll have pixie what's her name back soon too? I made the sex and got a small child out of it too.
  5. Mr Rich


    I hate that before I didn't ever worry about things, now with downturns in advertising I do worry now we have Bert to look after.
  6. Bit of spam (what a surprise from me). A friend has written a book, and it's really really good. Sci-fi, not going to give away any of the plot, but just post the link to Amazon. You can buy it for the kindle or the kindle app for the princely sum of £2.99. If you need something to read and you fancy giving a new author a go, I can recommend this. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Museum-Second-Chances-AE-Warren-ebook/dp/B07962C97Z/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518597904&sr=8-1&keywords=museum+of+second+chances
  7. It was an awesome game, haven't played it in ages. The later multiplayer modes added were a bit of a grind if you didn't get in a good group. The main game was a piece of piss.
  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-34UC98-W-Ultrawide-3440x1440-Speakers/dp/B01BFH1AIM/ref=sr_1_5?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1498491466&sr=1-5
  9. Genysis is actually good in comparison to Terminator Salvation with Christian Bale, that is a bag of shit. Logan: Absolutely fucking brilliant file.
  10. Yeah, you have to group up. Fine if you want to run around and do the side missions, but it becomes a lot faster and easier in a group.
  11. I've just finished reading Burmese Days, which was George Orwell's first book. Set in Burma under British rule in the 20s, it's not really like 1984 or Animal Farm in its themes, more just a scathing look at people inside the British empire in countries such as India and Burma in the waning days of empire. I didn't realise that Orwell was a police officer for the empire during those years in Burma, hence why this was his first book.
  12. Got really into this at the weekend and did cheat a little bit, my mate was on and level 30 with a few others and they let me join in on some really high-level missions, went up 4 levels in 30 minutes because of that, and then got myself to level 20 last night I think. Now clearing out the missions and encounters, but doubt I'll get much done during the week. Really bloody good though.
  13. So I did 40 minutes on a mission last night and it crashed before the end. The air turned blue!
  14. I'm a lowly level 10, but it's a great game so far, need to get some serious gear going soon though but low on money. Hopefully after a couple of missions I'll be able to buy a decent gun.
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