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  1. Mr Rich

    Mine works too!

    Yay, you put sperm in a woman! Congrats bud.
  2. Mr Rich


    I hate that before I didn't ever worry about things, now with downturns in advertising I do worry now we have Bert to look after.
  3. Genysis is actually good in comparison to Terminator Salvation with Christian Bale, that is a bag of shit. Logan: Absolutely fucking brilliant file.
  4. I could have put it more eloquently. I don't remember writing in my film degree dissertation "The script was diabolical."
  5. I'm not saying Die Hard is good... far from it, but it's reasonably stupid and entertaining. Dredd is awful in virtually every way. The ONLY good thing about it is that it's true to the comics. The girl was a terrible actress. The script was diabolical. There is no story to it... they get trapped in a building and fight their way out. Wow... that must have been difficult to dream up. The slo-mo shit was way over-done and gets incredibly dull after the 5th time you've seen it.
  6. A good day to die hard - Really stupid and predictable but very entertaining. Dredd - Utter shit.
  7. The Tuna... that was in Yakuza 3. If you caught this fucking massive Tuna you made loads of money. It took me ages to catch it because I wasn't using the right bait. Cali actually was the one to point that out, so I felt totally emasculated.
  8. It was like a baby's vagina down there. Hang on, is this in speakeasy? Shit. Oh well.
  9. And we wonder why there aren't more female members.
  10. Oh, this wasn't lube. This was for making your vag look younger, on the inside. Like anyone cares what a vag looks like. As long as it doesn't look like an overpacked wafer thin ham sandwich, I'm not bothered.
  11. She was creating a line of vaginal moisturisers though, she randomly turned up in my wife's shop one day and pitched her idea.
  12. Maybe I'm outside the circle, therefore don't get it. p.s. it's amazing how many thread come up if you search the forums for Bukakke.
  13. Yeah, I don't remember this. Did someone offer to Bukkake BM?
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