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  1. I like that wallpaper. What's it from?
  2. It's okay. Bit hard. A love letter to the git gud crowd.
  3. Getting that from my mummy for Christmas. Really looking forward to it if I can stop playing BR's.
  4. Been a while, but finally managed to save the world again in: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - PC. This was sensational. Just a perfect re imagining of those Snes Psone JRPG glory days with sensational visuals. Even a typical cliched plot couldn't ruin this. It was glorious. Oh and I also managed to finish a little game called: Red Dead Redemption 2 - PS4. Another game I run out of superlatives for. I have to admit it was a slow burn, and there were times in the first dozen or so hours when it felt a bit aimless and not as tight as RDR1, but man, by the end (the END e
  5. Free xbox pubg if anyone is still interested. https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/7/18071336/pubg-free-microsoft-xbox-one-free-pro-evolution-soccer-2019 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/play-playerunknowns-battlegrounds-full-product-release-free-for-a-limited-time/c4ff5wjxxq2m?ranMID=24542&ranEAID=nOD%2FrLJHOac&ranSiteID=nOD_rLJHOac-DXetDza0cVUP3BS1uND5Aw&epi=nOD_rLJHOac-DXetDza0cVUP3BS1uND5Aw&irgwc=1&OCID=AID681541_aff_7593_1243925&tduid=(ir__asnhdcome96f11tgouoqmb2yku2xke3vek2t0oq600)(7593)(1243925)(nOD_rLJHOac-DXetDza0cVUP3BS1uND5Aw)()
  6. Destiny 2 is free on pc till 17th November. Completely free I mean, not a trial.
  7. I think it suffers a bit from a lack of direction. In RDR your goals were clear and simple right from the off. Your wife and kid are taken and you are forced to go after your old gang. Here I don't have a clue what the goal is after 20 hours still! I've just moved to slightly warmer campsites and robbed shit up. I'm still really enjoying it mind, just don't think it's as good as the first.
  8. My guess is the PC version has been a consideration throughout development - particularly after how well the GTAV port has done - but of course they want all those double dipper dollars. I'd say this time next year.
  9. I think it's magnificent. So many open world games have just become crammed with mindless distractions, that the slower pace of this is like a minty fresh breeze. I'm sat at work just thinking about getting back on it asap.
  10. It's a bit special so far. I'm only on a peasant PS4 pro, but the visuals are insane. Feels a little framey though to me but that might be just coming from sassy creed on pc at 75fps.
  11. Life is Strange 2 - Ep 1 - PC. A great opener, but man that went to some dark places. Itching for the next installment though.
  12. The games industry can be so shit man.
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