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  1. Jusatsushi

    Funny Internet 2

    lol not seen that in years!
  2. Jusatsushi

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Into the Breach - PC. Amazing game. Like Advance Wars meets Edge of Tomorrow.
  3. Jusatsushi

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Dead Rising 3 - PC. Fancied some zombie carnage therapy so blasted through this in a few days. I still think the two recent DR games are underrated. Hella fun. Resident Evil 5 - PC. Had this going on the laptop to pick up and play and finally put it to bed during my lunch today. It's an okay action game, but fails so hard at being a RE game. No horror at all. How Capcom went from RE4 to this is beyond me.
  4. Jusatsushi

    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine.

    Yeah, I picked it up really cheap not long after it came out and had a good time with it, despite not having any real interest in the source material. It's just a big dumb fun action game starring marthagogo's dad in power armour.
  5. Jusatsushi

    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine.

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/warhammer-40000-space-marine freeeeeee
  6. Jusatsushi

    Online Bargains

  7. Jusatsushi

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Far Cry 5 - Hours of Darkness - PC - 2 hours of darkness to be precise, but I really enjoyed this. The level design is great, and it really felt like playing an old 80's NAM movie like Platoon or something. Far Cry 5 - Dead Living Zombies - PC - A little slice of what a new Left 4 Dead would be like. A dozen or so scenarios split into movie pitches. All totally over the top, but I had fun with it over a couple of evenings.
  8. Jusatsushi

    Streets of Rage 4 announced!

    Streets of Rage, Shenmue.. ffs get some new ideas Sega... Lols just kidding. Just to Panzer Dragoon Saga remaster next.
  9. Jusatsushi

    Far Cry 5

    Blood dragon is amazing!! Best ending ever!
  10. Jusatsushi

    Far Cry 5

    Get the DLC for 5 if you find it cheap. I finished the Nam one 100% in 3.5 hours last night and it's very 80's action movie in style. Now I have the Mars one, then the Zombie one comes out in a week. Not bad for £15.
  11. Jusatsushi

    Far Cry 5

    4 is probably the weakest in the series for me, but I'm not really sure why as it's basically the same game as 3 in a different setting and I've got the platinum in that and completed 3 times.
  12. Jusatsushi

    Far Cry 5

    Yeah, my loadout didn't change as soon as I got a silenced AR and Sniper. Great game though - I'm going through the Nam DLC now and that seems good fun too.
  13. Jusatsushi

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Quantum Break - PC. Second time through this. Not perfect, but moments of absolute brilliance in this. Looking forward to what Remedy do next.
  14. Jusatsushi

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Jim Sterling nailed it to a cross, but it's really not that bad.
  15. Jusatsushi

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Alan Wake - PC. Playthrough number 5 I think. Nightmare difficulty run. Love this game man! We Happy Few - PC. The story, voice acting and setting are great and kept me playing, but the gameplay itself lets it down a bit which is a shame really.