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  2. Pedro

    TV Shows

    Saw my first game of thrones last year. Tried to catch up over Christmas but I had trouble finding episodes around season three I know how most of it goes though, due to diligent YouTubing.
  3. I couldnt po$$ibly imagine...
  4. Well, I dun seen it too. I know the exact point Duffers is talking about with the eye rolling. I nearly made an audible oh get the fuck out at that point. No. Just, no. I also agree that Hamill was bloody Magnificent. Carried the film. End confuses me a bit, because unless the last film is going to be 6 hours long I cant see how they will wrap up all that needs to be. Cant be arsed to spoiler tag stuff, but I dont think Ive given anything away. Ill gladly talk about it with peeps on psn though.
  5. Was thinking that it might have been cool to play a younger Marston when he was a hard ass bastard, so we could understand why the Feds had to kill him. I guess we could see that as an NPC though, even if it would lose a bit of bite.
  6. Rogue one is good, innit! Good but sad. And why was my favourite character the damned robot?!
  7. Guardians of the galaxy was alright, innit.
  8. I don't use any torrents right now. In a slightly related note, I had a day off today, but had to wait for Maki's snowboarding gear to be delivered- so I watched all three early 90s Ninja Turtle films. Guilty pleasure.
  9. Releases are HORRIBLY late over here. We haven't even got the next Hobbit yet. I expect the lego movie to arrive around 2015 sometime. This is shit, because some of the in-jokes and plot will be all over the internet and my face by then.
  10. too fast too furious for his own damned good too fast too furious for his own damned good too fast too furious for his own damned good Posted November 11, 2013. Died: NOVEMBER 30, 2013.
  11. In the last month I've watched ST: into dorkness, Man of Steel and WWZ. With each film I've felt really short changed. Each one breaks their own rules and has some form of deus ex machina going on. Dare I even bother with pacific rim?
  12. AC is free for PS+ members right now too. Jus' sayin.
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