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  1. in terms of adding logo etc, is there anything that can be done to the css? Mobile, theme based?
  2. Sad that signatures have gone though. Not that I had changed mine for 8 years, but still. Like throwing away your old favourite pair of jeans.



  4. Pedro

    Meat at Jimmys.

    Youre damn straight it is! EDIT for appropriateness. https://youtu.be/6-1Ue0FFrHY
  5. Pedro

    Meat at Jimmys.

    Rumor is that there will be a special guest. Very... special...
  6. Pedro

    Mac Help

    I took it to the Mac store, managed to pull off all the important data, but the HDD is fucked. Need to get a new one, or buy a new MacBook Pro (wife needs Mac for her work). Its a late 2011 model, and I upgraded it to 16gb ram so it still moves fine for my needs, was thinking about throwing in a SSD? Would that work?
  7. Pedro

    Mac Help

    Thanks to a bodged auto-update, I am now MacBook-less until next Friday, when Apple Genius Bar will take a look at it. Ive tried to to a cmd+r recovery, and a Cmd+Option+r internet recovery, but neither work: After selecting my account and Mac HD, says that I dont have permission. The backup drive says that it isnt docked. I have very precious data that was installed since the last backup (silly me), so I dont want to/cant wipe and fresh install. Any Macsperts able to help?
  8. Pedro

    E3 2018

    I for one cant wait to see the latest improvements to FIFA, CoD, and the latest Skyrim release. Ahem. Joking aside, Id like to seem gameplay of recent announcements/ coming titles. Spider-Man. D2s Gambit, BGaE2 (FFS, how many times have we been promised this??), Anthem, Red dead redemption 2, FF7 remake to make a few. Surprise Announcements- WoW announces whole new engine, world, and enforced migration by 2020. Overwatch 2. Hmmm. Will add to this list later.
  9. Pedro

    Destiny PS4

    Who saw the live stream / reveal? Just me? Oh, okay then...
  10. Pedro

    Meat at mine?

    Really wish I could be going to this now. miss you all!
  11. Sad, but never got into the mass effect series. Possibly too late?
  12. Cant believe you didnt pick up origins. Its been cheap as chips for years, and exactly the same awesomeness. Would love to see it running on a switch screen though, and Im guessing its perfect for the coop with the simple game pads.
  13. Pedro

    Meat at mine?

    You can pay for my flight then?
  14. Pedro

    Meat at mine?

    Have fun guys Ill try and Skype in to you sexy motherfunsters
  15. Looks fun, but still probably a bargain purchase especially if the campaign play time is anywhere near the first. I remember the movement being really floaty on the first one, not sure if I liked it or not. Maybe got used to it.
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