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  2. Pedro

    Destiny PS4

    Who saw the live stream / reveal? Just me? Oh, okay then...
  3. Pedro

    Destiny PS4

    Arrrgh ok, Ill set the alarm..
  4. Pedro

    Destiny PS4

    Right, Ive bitten the bullet and in for a nighter. No bed for me, and Im around now. Anyone? EDIT: Welp, looks like no-ones around. Ill try and be awake for 9pm your time.
  5. Pedro

    Destiny PS4

    Risk runner, sunshot, hard light and even skyburners oath all feel pretty good. Liking the new level ups and it really pays off thinking about your loadout. If only they could Do more with that, than only have it as a temporary problem while youre UP.
  6. Pedro

    Destiny PS4

    In! ...as are early reviews. Verdicts so far are that weapons = good, sorry/missions = ... oh dear, not again.
  7. Pedro

    Destiny PS4

    We havent done the EoW yet!! But sure, Ill be on for a pop or two on Friday night... *sigh*, I mean, Saturday morning..
  8. Pedro

    Destiny PS4

    ...dare I mention it? Ah, thought it was for the second one. Hard to tell ;p New dlc... anyone going to try it out?
  9. Pedro

    TV Shows

    Saw my first game of thrones last year. Tried to catch up over Christmas but I had trouble finding episodes around season three I know how most of it goes though, due to diligent YouTubing.
  10. I couldnt po$$ibly imagine...
  11. Well, I dun seen it too. I know the exact point Duffers is talking about with the eye rolling. I nearly made an audible oh get the fuck out at that point. No. Just, no. I also agree that Hamill was bloody Magnificent. Carried the film. End confuses me a bit, because unless the last film is going to be 6 hours long I cant see how they will wrap up all that needs to be. Cant be arsed to spoiler tag stuff, but I dont think Ive given anything away. Ill gladly talk about it with peeps on psn though.
  12. Might be asking for a switch for Xmas..
  13. Has Nintendo won 2017? Im hearing nothing but good things about switch.
  14. Was thinking that it might have been cool to play a younger Marston when he was a hard ass bastard, so we could understand why the Feds had to kill him. I guess we could see that as an NPC though, even if it would lose a bit of bite.
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