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  1. Idaho


    I remember so little of this now that I might do back to it
  2. Idaho

    Online Bargains

    If they do then say you never got it.
  3. Idaho

    End of an era

    What shufty said. Less pompous than edge but less kiddy than other mags. Great mag, shame the format (print) is dying off.
  4. Idaho

    Destiny PS4

    I was thinking about this earlier. The hoops to jump through to get that armer really killed my boner for this. I was well into then just the futility of even attempting it fucked me off. Shame really as obviously there needs to be deeper challenges for the people who are hooked but it kinda shits on the chips of the people who can't play that often.
  5. Idaho

    Rogue Legacy

    It was free on plus I'm pretty sure. I definitely wouldn't have bought it.
  6. Idaho

    Rogue Legacy

    Bumpity bump! Dusted the vita off recently to get some gaming in before bed and I've been playing this. Couldn't sleep last night so loaded it up and it's a but good innit!? Exactly how Kurt says, I think I've had enough then I have a good run and get lots of gold so get to levelling shit up and of course have to have a quick blast with the levelled up gubbins... Very very clever. There's a few bits that annoy me though. I've had a couple of runs where I'm pretty sure I've had nowhere to really go either due to impossibly high ledges or spikes fucking everywhere. I'm guessing I've not unlocked a power or something... Or I'm missing something very very obvious!
  7. Idaho


    Not to worry. I found the thread I was looking for anyway!
  8. Idaho

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    I redid tlou and dlc not so long ago. Fricking great game! And the dlc is pretty good too
  9. Idaho

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Seen some pretty negative reviews of we happy few. Well... By seen... I've looked at a headline
  10. Idaho


    I tried that too
  11. Idaho


    I was searching for the old God of war 3 thread but nothing came up
  12. Idaho


    Search function is a bit shit... In that it doesn't work
  13. Idaho

    Mine works too!

    You did some sex! Prepare to not have any more for a little bit!
  14. Idaho

    Yokus Island Express

    I like shit.
  15. Idaho


    Exactly what I was thinking of!