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  1. Abzu (xbone) - I'm really not down for this sort of game. But it's short and I saw it through. The Mrs said it was like something she used to play on the mega drive (ecco) Star wars battlefront 2 (PS4) Gears of War 3(360) Spiderman DLC1 (PS4) Spiderman (PS4) Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita)
  2. Just started playing this thanks to gamepass and it's good innit? Seems I actually quite enjoy rouguelikes... And by that I mean this seems good and I liked rogue legacy
  3. They dropped it, I mean it's still there but I've found the multi player really uninspiring so just rattled through the campaign. I think they changed it and made it all OK? I don't know, not really paid any attention to it
  4. Star wars battlefront 2 (PS4) - apparently I completed the campaign but it all happened with such little fanfare I'm not entirely sure.... Gears of War 3(360) Spiderman DLC1 (PS4) Spiderman (PS4)R Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita)
  5. Gears of War 3(360) - meh Spiderman DLC1 (PS4) Spiderman (PS4) Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita)
  6. How come they don't actually work in the first place?
  7. Spiderman DLC1 (PS4) - excellent dlc, about 3 hours but a nice condensed spiderman experience! Spiderman (PS4) Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita)
  8. Spiderman (PS4) - yeah it's alright this. Not a spiderman fan so there wasn't much of the license that I could really appreciate but as a game it was not bad at all. Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita)
  9. Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita) - top tip, dabble with the cross play for funsies but it's a lot easier on ps4! Great game though, loved it.
  10. Yeah it's the mostly fondly spoken of. I never played it though I don't think.
  11. Oddly I did not give a shit about this but the more I think about it the more I should have a massive boner cos I fucking loved 7!
  12. Oh game time.... How I miss thee
  13. *ahem*... Git Gud... You're welcome
  14. If they do then say you never got it.
  15. Idaho

    Destiny PS4

    I was thinking about this earlier. The hoops to jump through to get that armer really killed my boner for this. I was well into then just the futility of even attempting it fucked me off. Shame really as obviously there needs to be deeper challenges for the people who are hooked but it kinda shits on the chips of the people who can't play that often.
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