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  1. How come they don't actually work in the first place?
  2. Spiderman DLC1 (PS4) - excellent dlc, about 3 hours but a nice condensed spiderman experience! Spiderman (PS4) Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita)
  3. Spiderman (PS4) - yeah it's alright this. Not a spiderman fan so there wasn't much of the license that I could really appreciate but as a game it was not bad at all. Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita)
  4. I'll try but been a bit poorly and I've been getting early nights
  5. Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita) - top tip, dabble with the cross play for funsies but it's a lot easier on ps4! Great game though, loved it.
  6. Been back to this a few times and it's just not biting yet
  7. Had a quick look at this but wasn't sold. I'll try again later. It does have some solid mechanics. The ping gubbins is an excellent one!
  8. Yeah it's the mostly fondly spoken of. I never played it though I don't think.
  9. Oddly I did not give a shit about this but the more I think about it the more I should have a massive boner cos I fucking loved 7!
  10. Awesome! 2 meet ups in 6 weeks!
  11. Oh game time.... How I miss thee
  12. Idaho

    Happy Christmas!

    Bit of a family day. My 2 are nearly 14 months now so couldn't give a fuck about Xmas and just loved having us both here all day I think! Didn't get anything gaming but I bought myself spiderman last weekend though there's a slim chance my brother might get me something. Not that I could have played it. I was worn out by 8 last night!
  13. God of war 3 remastered (PS4) - managed to complete a full game! Go me! It was ok. Oddly reusing the same areas and like so many other games it doesn't know how to fucking stop but not bad.
  14. *ahem*... Git Gud... You're welcome
  15. Idaho


    I remember so little of this now that I might do back to it
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