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The Penultimate Ninja

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  1. The Penultimate Ninja

    Titanfall 2

    The PC version has gone really cheap on CDkeys, (possibly because the game is now 'free' on EA Access?), so I bought it and played the single player. It's great, the movement is so fun. I tried the multi, and it seemed pretty good, but I was just confused for a lot of it.
  2. The Penultimate Ninja


    I haven't got anything to add, but Doom-Switch would be an awesome name for a game.
  3. The Penultimate Ninja

    2017 Game Completion Thread.

    Wolfenstein : The Old Blood (PC) Started it on Friday evening, finished it on Saturday, about 6-7 hoursc in total. Shorter, and more focused than The New Order. This prequel/expansion was a fun, fairly straightforward bit of extra Wolfenstein which lead into the story of the first game quite nicely.
  4. The Penultimate Ninja

    2017 Game Completion Thread.

    Diablo III (PC) I had a lot of time on my hands and not much to do, being off work sick this week. This was a great way to pass time while listening to podcasts.
  5. The Penultimate Ninja

    2017 Game Completion Thread.

    Moirai (PC) Diablo III: The Darkening of Tristram (PC) The Wolf Among Us episode 1 : Faith (PC) The Wolf Among Us episode 2 : Smoke and Mirrors (PC) The Wolf Among Us episode 3 : A Crooked Mile (PC) The Wolf Among Us episode 4 : In Sheep's Clothing (PC) The Wolf Among Us episode 5 : Cry Wolf (PC) Hitman (PC) Silent Assassin on all episodes Torment : Tides of Numenera (PC) Full Trottle Remastered (PC) Aaero (PC) Neon Drive (PC) Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC) Life Is Strange episode 1 : Chrysalis (PC) Life Is Strange episode 2 : Out of Time (PC) Life Is Strange episode 3: Chaos Theory. (PC) Life Is Strange episode 4: Dark Room. (PC) Life Is Strange episode 5: Polarized (PC) Rez Infinite (PC) Subsurface Circular (PC) Persona 5 (PS3) 2064: Read Only Memories (PC) VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (PC) It's a visual novel with a simple drink mixing mini game. You make the drinks as requested and listen to the customers stories, apparently making different drinks can affect the way they react to you and the endings you get. I'm not sure how much that matters. The story is enjoyable, and pretty well written. I like several of the characters. It's slightly anime-styled, but doesn't go all out, so you don't feel like a creepy loser pervert for playing it. The soundtrack is excellent, before each night's work you load up the jukebox with a dozen songs. There were easily more I liked than the jukebox could hold. https://garoad.bandcamp.com/album/va-11-hall-a-second-round XCOM: Enemy Within (PC) Enemy Unknown was one of my favourite games from the last 5 years. This expansion adds a lot of good stuff to it. The additional set of story missions are welcome enough, but the addition of cybernetic and genetic enhancement for your soldiers, plus a whole bunch of new enemies are what made it for me.
  6. The Penultimate Ninja

    SNES Mini confirmed

    I bought one yesterday on Amazon Prime Now, just on the spur of the moment, and got it by lunch time. It's a fun little thing to have sitting under the tv, and play around with. Apparently the internals are near identical to the NES classic, so I expect people will br able to hack it and add extra games pretty soon.
  7. The Penultimate Ninja

    What are you playing?

    Overwatch (PC) I play this most weeks with Monica and a few others, and have done regularly since launch. Over 200 hours so far. Persona 5 (PS3) This has been a bit of a long term project, as l only get to really put any time in on the weekends. Currently working towards the end of the 6th dungeon. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC) About half way through at the moment, mainly playing when I don't have time for Persona.
  8. The Penultimate Ninja

    Late to the Party

    I never owned a PS1 or N64, so most of the games on those consoles.
  9. The Penultimate Ninja


    Hitman was probably my favourite game of last year (Overwatch was pretty close). I haven't found the timed elusive target missions enough to keep coming back every month, but I spent at least 6 months playing it regularly and racked up nearly 150 hours along the way. It's brilliant.
  10. The Penultimate Ninja

    Physical Vs Digital

    Digital does make a lot of sense for portable gaming, which is why Sony's Vita memory card prices were such a stupid mistake.
  11. The Penultimate Ninja

    Physical Vs Digital

    I'm on PC these days, so physical doesn't exist. If I had any of the current consoles I'd be buying physical where possible, because they still tend to take the piss with the digital prices.
  12. The Penultimate Ninja

    The Dream Machine

    Tell me about it. I played the first 2 episodes in 2011 and decided to wait until it all finished before going back.
  13. The Penultimate Ninja

    2016 Game Completion Thread.

    Pony Island (PC) Tales From The Borderlands: Episode 1 (PC) Firewatch (PC) Tales From The Borderlands:Episode 2 (PC) Tales From The Borderlands:Episode 3 (PC) Tales From The Borderlands:Episode 4 (PC) Tales From The Borderlands:Episode 5 (PC) Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (PC) Day Of The Tentacle Remastered (PC) Hyper Light Drifter (PC) Grim Dawn (PC) I sort of accidentally finished this the other day. I didn't realise I was on the final mission until it was over. The game is a very enjoyable, well made Diablo style ARPG, from a dev studio with good pedigree in the genre. The Banner Saga (PC) Started a new game on this yesterday, before I go into the sequel. Still enjoyed it a lot, still looks gorgeous, and the last boss is still so much more difficult than everything before it.
  14. The Penultimate Ninja

    giant bomb (cast)

    The Joypod folks (minus Michael) are back with a new one called The Computer Game Show. http://spong.com/podcasts/computergameshow/
  15. The Penultimate Ninja

    Battle born vs overwatch

    I played the Overwatch beta, and really liked it. I ended up pre-purchasing it. It reminds me a little bit of Team Fortress 2, except I like it. I haven't played it, but Battleborn seems to have more MOBA trappings than I like. The reviews make the story missions sound like they have some issues that put me off, too.