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  1. Quarantine Circular (PC) Another Mike Bothell 'short'. A short science fiction text adventure game playable in pretty much one sitting. I liked it a lot. Apparently there are different options/endings according to what decisions you take, but I haven't explored any of that yet.
  2. Tacoma (PC) Really enjoyed this. It was an interesting story, and I found it more engaging to play than Gone Home. Princess Remedy In A World Of Hurt (PC) A short (around 40 mins), freebie retro console-style adventure game. I think it might have originally been a game jam project. A pleasant little diversion with charming 8-bit-style looks
  3. Yeah, I enjoyed the story, but the writing not so much. Some of the mini-game stuff wasn't great either, especially the upgrade crafting bit. I enjoyed it through, I like the themes and setting. I'd recommend games like 2046: Read Only Memories or VA-11 HALL-A ahead of this.
  4. What Remains Of Edith Finch (PC) The Red Strings Club (PC) Pikuniku (PC) Pikuniku is a fun, cute, short adventure thing. It's funny, well written, with a great fun soundtrack. All of these were freebies. I should play some of the games I paid for at some point.
  5. I've finished it on PS2 and PS3, and I'm really tempted to get it again on PC. It's one of my favourite games, but there's no denying it's really slow to get started, and waaaaay longer than it needs to be.
  6. Kingsman Another comic adaptation from the same creative team behind Kick-Ass, about an ultra secret british intelligence agency. Funny, and some awesome fight scenes with Colin Firth of all people.
  7. I watched The History of Future Folk on Netflix last weekend. I believe they're a comedy musical act in the vein of Tenacious D or Flight of the Conchords. Anyway, the film is about a couple of aliens sent to Earth to pave the way for an invasion. Instead they hear and fall in love with music, form a bluegrass band, and save the planet. Not laugh out loud funny, but really charming and endearing. I enjoyed it a lot.
  8. What We Do In The Shadows. I really liked it.
  9. Hitman Go is awesome. £2.99 I think.
  10. I've always found mouse and keyboard weird for 3rd person games. You're probably going to use something like joy2key or xpadder to map the pad to keyboard commands. Controller support on PC was pretty rubbish back in those dark days.
  11. I bought a psn+ subscription for the same price in store at Game last week. Having to "purchase" the freebies or lose the chance to access them when Sony changes the line up & managing stuff through the download history is sub-optimal. But even if 2 of the free games appeal to me I'll have had more than my money's worth.
  12. C&P from MFg... I saw these at the weekend: Popatopolis A documentary about a prolific B-movie directory attempting to make a terrible looking film in 3 days. Watching these people make their shitty movie is fun. It also has interesting interview sections with B-movie people talking about how the old, creative, experimental, low-budget B-movies of the past have gone away, replaced by softcore parody titles, filled with porn stars because they're cheap and churned out in a week or two per film. [YouTube] [/YouTube] Brick The debut independent film from the writer/direct
  13. The US DVD is due out on March 5th, so not long after it finally got to the cinemas here. The US got the film at the beginning of November, I've got no idea why the rest of the world had a 3 month wait, it makes no fucking sense, it's not like they ship cannisters of film around the world anymore.
  14. Winnebago Man is a documentary about a guy who unwittingly became an internet celebrity, when outakes from a promotional video made in the 80's became an Internet viral hit. It's a bit lightweight, but interesting, funny and very watchable. [YouTube] [/YouTube]
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