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The Penultimate Ninja

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  1. The Penultimate Ninja

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    Quarantine Circular (PC) Another Mike Bothell 'short'. A short science fiction text adventure game playable in pretty much one sitting. I liked it a lot. Apparently there are different options/endings according to what decisions you take, but I haven't explored any of that yet.
  2. The Penultimate Ninja

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    Tacoma (PC) Really enjoyed this. It was an interesting story, and I found it more engaging to play than Gone Home. Princess Remedy In A World Of Hurt (PC) A short (around 40 mins), freebie retro console-style adventure game. I think it might have originally been a game jam project. A pleasant little diversion with charming 8-bit-style looks
  3. The Penultimate Ninja

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    Yeah, I enjoyed the story, but the writing not so much. Some of the mini-game stuff wasn't great either, especially the upgrade crafting bit. I enjoyed it through, I like the themes and setting. I'd recommend games like 2046: Read Only Memories or VA-11 HALL-A ahead of this.
  4. The Penultimate Ninja

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    What Remains Of Edith Finch (PC) The Red Strings Club (PC) Pikuniku (PC) Pikuniku is a fun, cute, short adventure thing. It's funny, well written, with a great fun soundtrack. All of these were freebies. I should play some of the games I paid for at some point.
  5. The Penultimate Ninja

    2019 Game Non Completion Thread

    I've finished it on PS2 and PS3, and I'm really tempted to get it again on PC. It's one of my favourite games, but there's no denying it's really slow to get started, and waaaaay longer than it needs to be.
  6. The Penultimate Ninja

    EGX London 2019

    Undecided as yet if we'll be going this year for a number of factors: - The move from Brimingham to London makes it a lot more expensive for us. - ExCel kind of sucks. - I'm getting married about 6 weeks before, will probably be skint.